Investing 0.1 ETH into dCity || Steady Income and Rising in the Ranks

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Every so often I have one of those "yolo" moments and recently I just decided on a whim to put a small piece of my ETH savings into dCity and the results were not bad at all. Even with these kinds of decisions, it's always thought out and based on facts of future profit. As the game has been growing steadily in terms of users, with equally steady update announcements, and the SIM price staying close to the pegged price, I feel like this will be a good thing to partake in for quite a while.


So that's what my city looks like now. Looking good I would say. 0.1 ETH got me about 350 something HIVE at that time. So I decided to just alternate my purchases between the first and second edition for a healthy balance. Also because the first editions are possibly going to be more valuable once they stop being minted. But we'll have to wait to see that.

I got some solid cards with high income and popularity, and of course the usual filler fodder. Noteworthy ones are the three shiny new banks. So you could say we're literally making bank now. Excuse the bad puns.

No MICs unfortunately, but I can live with that as my income went from somewhere around 1000 SIM to shuffling between 1500 and 1600 now. That means I can buy 2 new cards daily now, OR I get to invest about 8 HIVE in something else. It's all starting to come together.

Not to forget, the ranking! I've been consistently hovering in the top 300 now. Possibly going to the 200s soon. As you get higher up, it definitely gets harder to move up. But that's the way the cookie crumbles.


If you're interested in building your own dCity, hop over to and get started. Also check out the dCity discord server.

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Great work growing your dCITY man, and I think it was a wise decision to sell some Eth and invest it here, but that is just my opinion, I have been slacking a bit lately with investing in mine, just bought with SIM earnings, but it looks more balanced now, though still some more work to get the crime rate down, keep up your great work.

The plan is to let that ETH work for me and take it out from profits on the long run. Much better than waiting for it to rise in price.
I should probably start buying some specific market cards soon to get the crime rate down. So far I've only relied on new random cards.


The fact is Police Stations are sometimes quite cheap, look for prices below 1000 SIM.

Will do. Thanks for the tip.

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Yeah, I'm also still figuring some stuff out.
A quick glance at your city tells me that the amount of immigrants and homeless are killing your popularity stat, which in turn decreases your potential for more population.
So you can maybe buy a few job centers to increase training chance for the homeless and immigrants to become better citizens. And then additional high income buildings for all that extra population you will get out of it.

It was for me too but after you get a hang of it you say it's easy


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The more I learn about dCity the more I feel like I should do the same.
So far I only invested the odd Hive I had lying around but some outside money would surely help to kickstart everything...

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Yeah, I thought it over a bit, and it seems like a good move.
A kickstart to at least the point of 800 income, so can buy a new card from that alone, would be ideal.


Guess you're right, I'll look into it when I get home from work.
Cheers :-)

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I was like 291 or something....Been moving up slowly. Just been reinvesting all my SIM into new cards.

It's a pretty slick little game once you figure it out...Which I have no idea what I'm doing LOLOL

Being able to reinvest income daily is definitely the sweet spot. That way you are guaranteed continues daily growth.
Lol, yeah, some math needs to be applied as well. And we thought we wouldn't use those formulas in real life. 😅


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Buy apartments or population, you have space for 184 in current scenario.

I know, I'm slowly catching up to it with daily income.
Thanks for the advice. :)

Man I don't have 0.1 eth but I try to investment as much as possible

converting your Hive-Engine rewards helps a lot