Ways to Generate Passive Income on Hive

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You may enjoy blogging on Hive, interacting with other people, learning new things and making friends, while earning in the process, but that's not where it ends. In fact, it's where it starts. Do you have a minute talk about our lords and saviors 'Positive Cashflow' and 'Passive Income'?


Now what is passive income? The name pretty much gives you a big hint already. Any generated income you get without lifting a single finger is passive income. To create such an income stream, you need to put something in place beforehand, usually in the form of an investment.

When it comes to passive income opportunities, Hive has a variety of options of which I have also invested in a few of them. Don't get me wrong, writing is fun and all, but that extra boost while your doing nothing is an addition you want to have. That means that even when you are too busy or plan a vacation (post-covid) or something, you will be getting that Hive in some form or another.


Hive Power Delegation

Let's get this one out of the way. I'm sure most have already come across the option to delegate. What you may not know is that there are certain curation projects, that pay you a dividend for you delegation, based on the weight of that delegation of course. For those who don't have much time to be active but don't want that voting power to go to waste, this is a good option.


DCITY is a strategic card game on the Hive blockchain that allows you to build your own virtual city with different types of cards. The cards are the city components like hospitals, factories, police stations and even beer breweries. With the right placement of your cards, your city passively generates daily income, without you having to do a thing.

Staking and Mining Hive-Engine Tokens

If you use a frontend like PeakD you may have seen the Hive-Engine section in your wallet and all the 'weird' tokens you magically received. Well, some of those tokens can be staked enabling you to earn staking rewards depending on the amount your staking. Some of these tokens also have special miner tokens that "mine" the corresponding token for you. Amounts also increase as you miner token increases.
One miner I have invested that is very profitable in my opinion is the Weedcash Mega Miner or WEEDMM. With about 10 mega miners, I have been generating about 11 cents daily, which I am reinvesting in other forms of passive income. LEOMM and LEOM are also popular, but don't bother with those until you have the funds to buy a high amount of them, as a few won't generate as frequent at all. Some other noteworthy miners are WEEDM, CTPM and ARCHONM.

The Brofund

Basically a project that is building a fund to then spread dividends generated by activity with that fund. The recipients of the dividends are anyone who owns BRO tokens and are divided based on the amount of tokens everyone owns. Check out @brofund for more info on this.

These are probably not all the ways and you should by all means do your own research first, but I hope that I this at least nudges someone in the direction of thinking more about ways to earn passive income, whether it be on Hive or elsewhere.

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Great share about passive income opportunities, to be honest I have not gotten into dCity yet, though I do want to but never really have enough time to set it up, hopefully I will get the time to do it soon enough, I wish you an awesome day.

Thank you Erik. An awesome day right back at you!

dCity is very profitable in my opinion. With a relatively small city, compared to the top, I am already getting almost 2 Hive daily. If played right and with a bit of luck, you can have a ROI of approximately 3-4 months.

My BRO tokens (@brofund) are my most solid passive income earner on hive. Awesome informative post @rarej. !BEER

Thanks Justin. I will definitely drink to @brofund.

Why don't you join me in that !BEER 🍻

Great post man started following your make regular posts like this.

This was very informative and great post.
started following you.

Glad you enjoy the content. Thanks for the support! :)

Thanks for sharing! Very good post. Now I reblogged it?

Thanks for the visit and resharing as well. ✌️


I'd not really considered passive income to help keep the wheels turning on the music project. Will have to learn some more...

Passive income is a definite must in general. Don't want to be working as hard your whole life. :)

You have listed some interesting options for generating passive income here on Hive... I didn't know about WEEDMM that it's so profitable... Will check it out...

Thanks for recommendation!

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You should definitely do that, now that the price is still relatively low.

The price of weed cash has gone up significantly too

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. A few cents earned in passive give more satisfaction than a dollar earned in active way.

True. And once you have made back your original investment, it's all profit after that.

Hey man would you mind sharing some more info on the Weedcash Mega Miner?

Of course I would. First, you have to be familiar with the Hive-Engine sidechain https://hive-engine.com/
This is where all your secondary tokens live.

A Miner Token is basically just a virtual staking node. You buy it and stake it, and it gives you a chance to "mine"/generate set amounts of the corresponding token (example: WEEDM -> WEED). The more Miner Tokens you are staking the higher the chance to generate and at a certain point you will start generating the set amount more than once each hour.

A Mega Miner is generally just a Miner that mines 4 times as fast/efficient. So one 1 WEEDMM does the work of 4 WEEDM.

There is also SHARE project that pays SHARE token owners for renting their fund for cryptotrading. It had about 15% profit (in HIVE) in September and already paid about 9% in October.

Interesting. Do you have any reference posts I could look at?

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DCITY wasn't on the list of Dapps on Hive.

Nope, but it is on this one. :)