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In addition to my interest on the move to earn sector, it’s with great pleasure I present to you, the Hive’s move to earn Actifit. Some of us might be familiar with Actifit, while some of us might not be. The Hive blockchain technology is so vast that it can accommodate lots of utilities. It’s pretty different from other move to earns because unlike others, Actifit is totally free to start and doesn’t require buying any NFT shoe to start earning. You start using and earning for free. So you don’t have to worry about taking any risk.

Move to earn is a trend that was about to get blown before the last bear market crash came and stalled it. Lots of people have complained about the other move to earns that require buying NFTs before you can earn but the Actifit lets you earn for free without buying any NFT shoe first. It’s on the Hive blockchain, having a Hive account gives you access to earning Actifit native token called AFIT. You can go to Actifit, log in with your Hive posting key and you are good.

Actifit is also available on Google playstore on android and apple’s App Store on iPhone. When you download and set the GPS, it tracks your activities, at the end of the day, you have the choice of blogging about your activities through @Actifit to earn the AFIT token, and other tokens like the sportstoken. You can use your AFIT rewards to order for sport things like resistance band, reshape product finger grip and more. You can go to Actifit Market to see more option.

Things You Can Buy With AFIT

You can buy physical products with your AFIT rewards which are products you can see physically, that are feasible. These products include:

Resistance Rubber Band
Pull Ropes Chest
Finger Hand Grip
R-Shape Hand Grip
Resistance Band
Jump Ropes

These are just products outside the move to earn that you can use physically.

Actifit has in game virtual products that you can use to earn more Actifit to make your earning smoother while you take care of your health.

Virtual In Game Products To Buy With AFIT on Actifit

Virtual Hats for protection
Virtual shoes
Virtual water bottle
Virtual sports drinks
Virtual sunglasses
Virtual Back pack
Virtual protein shake

These are products that when bought, helps you earn more AFIT rewards. This is really cool and @actifit is the only move to earn platform that I have encountered with such cool features. It gets better because you don’t have to buy all these products to earn first, but buying them enables you earn more.

The best part of @actifit is, it encourages you to take your health seriously by providing opportunities for consultation. You can use your AFIT tokens to pay for consultations, there are:

Nutrition Consultation
Fitness Consultation

And an ebook by @theycallmedan called Xformation:
This book contains details of weight loss and mostly his journey on weight loss. So yeah, Actifit is a great platform to check out.

You can delegate Hive power to @actifit to earn AFIT tokens.

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So we have to install the app on phone for it to work ?

Yeah I think so.

Paying for nutrition and fitness consultations with the token makes it so juicy. I'll check it out.

Yeah. I never knew until I paid more attention recently. It’s really a great project.

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