People Are Saving Money To Buy The Top While Neglecting The Bottom

The top is usually when people get greedy the most and the bottom is when they get fearful the most which has been said to be an act that is supposed to be done the opposite. During the Bull season we heard a lot of people cry about how they regret not buying earlier and wished they had the opportunity to buy when it was cheap, when your wish has been granted, why not buy it now. I remember when Hive was at an all time high, some of us started wishing we had bought Hive below the $1 price mark, well, not only did Hive get below $1 it is at $0.295, so if you wished Hive was below $1 this is your time. The bear market can test your patience real good, but only paper hands succumb and give up, as for Diamond hands, this is just another day in the crypto winter life.

Sadly, in as much as a lot of people are seeing the current opportunity crypto is presenting to them with the discounted crypto prices, they are still scared to buy the bottom because they are too busy saving up money to buy at the top and sell at the bottom. During the Bull market, lots of people were buying Hive, you get post and tweets from different people stating how much or how many thousands of dollars they have spent buying Hive. Let’s do this maths together, if some one pays $10k to buy Hive at the $3.4 price they would have 2,941 Hive, which at that time is a lot because the value of Hive is $3.4. We are all going to clap for that person for contributing to the Hive market right, this person bought because they were scared of missing opportunities. Seeing that the price is doing well at that time, people naturally get excited and start buying more because they believe in the price at that time.

But if the same $10k was to be used to buy Hive today at $0.295, they will be getting 33,898 Hive for $10k. Which is a lot more than 2,941 Hive, when the price of Hive gets to $3.4 again, this person would have successfully converted $10k to $115k, which is a big 10X, to feel safer they can easily remove $10k or $20k off that to secure their capital. That is the power of buying at the bottom and selling at the top. If I had more than $10k this would be my go to strategy if I had more than $10k right now.

The bottom is usually the time most people neglect the market because they are distracting theirselves from the dip, which is wise but while distracting yourself don’t save to buy the top so you can sell at the bottom later.

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So true,

At $3+ we were surrounded by opportunity.
At $0.30* that opportunity has only grown.

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That's was a pretty awesome analysis, even would say greed and patience is a factor when considering for investment. I believe btc may rise up again but I prefer investment on other alt coin such as hive.

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You make money when you buy and take the profit when you sell. !ALIVE

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they are too busy saving up money to buy at the top and sell at the bottom.

You can say it's a habit of retail investors and they are now thinking that bottom has not done yet and waiting for btc to touch $12k or $9k But I think they should accumulate now otherwise they are going to miss it. I think part buying can be better option.

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this is where DCA (Dollar Cost Average in) is important, people should learn to utilize it if they are certain of the price

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Hence the Warren Buffet saying, ' Be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy.'

yeah, for some people its easier said than done

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It is amazing how it works this way. The psychology of the markets is pretty fascinating. I was saving HBD for the first half of the year because I want that fixed 20% down the road. I'd love to get enough to just be able to pay my bills every month off the interest. But, Hive went below 30 cents. Now my HBD is gone. lol It seems to me now is the time to be using that money to buy while it's cheap. If and when Hive goes back over a dollar, I'll be able to sell a quarter of what I bought to replenish the HBD I used and still have 3/4s of the Hive I bought.

Yes, there is risk it could go lower, and there is also risk the bear could last another year, but I still think it was the right decision.

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well, no one can see the future, most of decisions we make is based off assumptions. you are right about now being the best time to buy Hive, by the time it pumps it will be worth 10X

The saddest thing is ,no body actually make a loss ,everyone believes they did the right thing selling at different price they sees it good price

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Classic! Still DCAing all the way down to $0 if needed 😂!

lol lets all enjoy the ride

😂 rightly funny.

Certainly a classic "truth" and an interesting statement about human psychology.

But I could also play "Devil's Advocate" here and point out that when markets are down — be that crypto, property, stocks or whatever — the greater economy is typically in the toilet, and people have no funds to "buy the dip."

For example, I'd LOVE to be able to stock up on Hive and LEO at these prices, but I need every cent I have to just pay for food, electricity and such. When times are better and people have more money to support my business, I have more money myself... and markets are typically UP.

That doesn't mean that I don't think there are great opportunities for those sitting with idle cash on the sidelines buy in at bargain prices... but I think they're a tiny minority.


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this is well said, this is how it is most times, just like me and you we dont have enough money to buy the dip right now. well, i am learning my lesson and thinking of restrategizing my plans for the bull market so i can prepare for the bear market

People hate taking the risk that will better their future, best time to buy btc

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That's basically reversing the cycle, doing the opposite of what should have been done. Timing the market is not that easy but with a lil bit of common sense it's not that difficult either. One doesn't need to time the absolute bottom or the absolute high to lock in some decent profits. I guess it all comes down to fear and greed....


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One thing that always annoys the hell out of me is that I never seem to have enough spare cash when the market bottoms out! I would love to buy a good $10k worth of Hive ATM.

It is sad how many people do things the exact wrong way, selling in fear and buying in greed. But that is how the rich get richer...