Smartest Biggest LinkedIN $500 Million Hack

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Hackers are constantly always trying to be smart in their game, the more we try to be careful, the more the hackers are trying to stay ahead of them. Everyone is always told to be careful about the links they click so as not to get hacked. All most hackers need to get access to your space is just a click of a link. Most people know better now, so they don’t do it. This means that these hackers have to up their game by coming with more creative ideas.


The new idea was to send a fake job offer to an employee who is a developer, through LinkedIN. We all know that LinkedIN is the social media platform for the labour work force. This is a social media platform where people display their labour skills and their C.V, so it’s easy to tell what people’s interest is. This gave the hackers better idea on carrying out the hack. This hackers sent the developer a job offer, fabricated so well that they were successful in convincing this developer that they think he is a perfect fit for the job. Anybody in this developers shoes will be convinced to look at the offer, who wouldn’t want a better pay for what they do?

When you are promised a better pay and benefit for what you do, you suddenly start feeling important and valued, thinking that people know you for your worth, that is self fulfilling enough to start considering the offer. This hacker sent some files to review ,in respect to the job offer, and I am sure that since its through LinkedIN, this developer must have put in their work email, or at least has used their work computer to open their email. It’s a job offer review, it couldn’t have been that bad, it’s safe to open, must have been the thoughts that went through their mind. But unfortunately this was all they needed to get into the the developers laptop. he downloaded it and gave this hacker an access, this hacker took over from there and hacked over $500 Million from his company and investors.

This hacker was so smooth that this hack was not detected but it was already too late, this means that people just have to be extra careful these days. Getting job offers from LinkedIn and clicking it is not safe, clicking any look at all without proper scrutiny is not safe. Just be careful out there guys.

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Thanks so much for this information. I would be more careful not to fall, victim, to these hackers.

YOU ARE welcome