Leo #Threads is the Twitter Killer!

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Threads by Leofinance is a decentralized alternative to Twitter. It's a nice dapp built by the Leo team and it has everything that is needed to replace Twitter. Twitter is a centralized microblogging platform and it is very much popular across the world. Undoubtedly it has gotten more attention because people need not spend a lot of time writing content as well as readers can read the post in very less time. This is the time in which a lot of people do not have enough time to read long posts and that is why micro-blogging is popular and a lot of people use it in day-to-day life.


Threads is also born with a similar concept but it has a couple of things that are not available on Twitter and I am sure that they will never be able to add this because they are centralized. Twitter is owned by an organization and the focus of this tech company is to generate revenue as much as possible through advertisement or other possible ways. They are not bothered to reward the content creator because the user base is a product for them and through this, they earn huge revenue.

Threads is Unique

With threads, things are just the opposite because the user base is not a product for this decentralized application instead it rewards the users for the content creation or engagement. It's not assured but definitely a possibility if someone posts good content and Leo power holder like it. Because it is decentralized so there will never be a situation of censorship however with Twitter we cannot be sure about it as we have seen many instances in the past. Threads is recently born but it is getting better with each update that the Leo team is working on and I'm sure that we are going to see a great amount of development and updates in this micro-blogging platform that will bring thousands of people to the hive network. We will also see a better version of threads soon and it will make the experience awesome.

Just imagine if someone joins hive networks because of the threads and he can have the influence on the platform on the basis of the Leo power holding that gives him a possibility to earn a curation reward. What can be better than this? When we like a tweet then we do not get anything back but here on threads, we get the curation reward which is an easy and cool way to earn returns on the investment. Sooner or later I think that there be an option to promote businesses or even to trend some specific tags on the micro-blogging which will be another way to generate revenue for Leofinance as well as an opportunity for the people to bring more attention to their businesses.

New token for Threads Lovers

Today I saw a post in which one of the newly launched tokens will be adding more power to the threads. This new token is called GM:FRENS and has been launched by @l337m45732 and its looks good to me. Please check this post for more details.
This new token will not be sold in the open market and the only way that people can earn the token is through posting on threads. This is something great and going to encourage lots of people to start using threads.




Microblogging is an easy way to connect with people and also to engage with them without investing a lot of time. It's like enjoying social media without spending so much time and if you have more time it's even more fun. Another good thing is that there are no such criteria to follow as leofinance and this provides more flexibility and freedom to anyone who wants to use micro-blogging. There is a limit of characters to be published but other than this there is no limit on anything, literally.

Thank you so much
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