Splinterlands Road Map + Free Splinterlands Beta Card

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The last reported Town Hall (Splinterlands AMA) took place on 04/06/2022. I'll leave the Youtube video to the full AMA at the end of this post. I want to focus on one aspect that was shared in that AMA; The Splinterlands RoadMap. To be more exact I want to focus on the Land Portion. Looking at this roadmap there is something in plain sight that might of evaded your attention. But before we get to that lets break down the RoadMap ledger. The roadmap itself is very cleverly designed in the games standard card format and just like in game the numbers on the cards have meaning.

As you can see each card has a MANA cost similar to how in game NFT's have a MANA cost. In the roadmap version the MANA cost reflects the difficulty of each step of the planned progression of the game. Land Phase One and Land Phase Two have the two highest MANA cost. Meaning they are the most difficult to introduce to the game. Each card and roadmap stop has information on it that gives slightly more details of each implementation, including how far along they are with fully introducing said planned upgrades. Cards that have listed items with a red line through them indicate those portion of the planned upgrades are complete. Wild and Modern rank play (phase one) looks to be the closest to being completed with 2/3 of its objectives finished. With that little introduction of how the RoadMap ledger works lets now take a look at the time frame in which we can expect Land to be introduced. Many were expecting Land to be released this year but looking at the newly introduced roadmap that isn't going to be the case.

The roadmap indicates Land (Phase One) will include being able to allow users to view land deeds on the Splinterlands Map, Convert Land Claims To Deeds and Buy/Sell & Transfer land deeds but it looks like having things like buildings and (mining?) resources and rarity (of mined objects I presume) won't come until early second quarter of 2023. Its easy to overlook the time frame located on the roadmap due to excitement of reading all the cool upcoming aspects that are to be implemented. But the year and quarter is displayed dead center on the main "road" that branches out to each roadmap goal. No doubt Land was a hot topic and everyone was once FOMOing (fear of missing out) over it but that FOMO is starting to settle. Plots that once peaked at around $1000 USD each can now be purchased for $250-$270 USD and unless something new is announced I suspect the price to continue to dip. However its likely we see an uptick in price once Land is claimable. We should also keep in mind that the SPS airdrop (Learn More about the sps airdrop by clicking here) will be ending in under 100 Days and if we don't see any land developments in game by that time, its very likely land prices will take a huge nose dive. Aside from speculation and FOMO the other thing that is propping up the USD value of Splinterlands land is the SPS airdrop. Each land plot gives 10,000 airdrop points towards our daily SPS airdrop which is why the SPS airdrop is crucial to the current price of Land and to be honest all Splinterlands assets.

Giveaway Time

Its been awhile since I gave away some Splinterland cards and now seems like a good time as any to do just that. There isn't many Beta card giveaways these days so lets offer up one of those. For those who might be new to my blog or to Splinterlands in general, the Beta card (NFT) set was the second set of cards introduced to the Splinterlands game. There was only a total of 300,000 Beta Boosters offered for sale which is a tiny amount when compared to the 15 Million Chaos Legion Pack supply so as you can imagine all BETA cards are very limited in supply. The only way to get your hands on BETA cards is by purchasing them from others who own them or in giveaways such as this one. Up for offer today is one of my favorite Beta Common Cards. The Animated Corpse (Death Splinter). This card cost just four MANA to play making it a go to card in the rule set known as Little League (Only monsters with a mana cost of four or more is playable in the little league game mode). So if you win this card its very likely you will get use out of it on the battlefield. Giveaway Rules: (1) I know rules suck (2) Comment your thoughts on Land or the Roadmap for one entry ticket (2) tag two other Splinterland players for a second Raffle ticket (3) That's it because rules suck. The timing of your comment will determine your raffle ticket number. A random generator will determine the winner (good luck to all).


A fledgling Dark Eternal is also known as an Animated Corpse. Emerging from the Tar Pits of Creation in the Southern Waste of Mortis, each fledgling must first shed what remains of its mortal flesh. While in decay, the Animated Corpses are placed on the front lines to speed their transition. Lore taken from official Splinterlands site.

What Is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a blockchain game built on the Hive Network. The game itself utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's can be won in battle and/or purchased from the official Splinterlands marketplace or many other secondary markets. Game play rewards players with cryptocurrency and in game assets. Click here to get started with Splinterlands.

Link To Purchase Plots:


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If the land prices keep dipping when I eventually do have the money, I may buy more as it seems like they will have a lot to come for land. But they got a lot on that roadmap being worked on/to be worked on, which means the game has much more to come. I am looking forward to SPS rewards and staking on players for rewards.

Beta giveaway, yes please! Never seen one in a long time!

I suspect they will keep dipping. I got 6 plots currently and I might pick up a few more but I will be content with those 6 if need be. You are right, there is still lots of stuff to come.

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Its hard to overlook the time frame of the roadmap goals due to excitement of reading all the cool upcoming aspects that are to be implemented but the year and quarter is displayed dead center on the main "road" that branches out to each roadmap goal.

The above should read as the below. The LeoFinance frontend isn't allowing me to edit at the moment but I'll edit the main post and fix the error once I'm able to.

Its easy to overlook the time frame of the roadmap goals due to excitement of reading all the cool upcoming aspects that are to be implemented but the year and quarter is displayed dead center on the main "road" that branches out to each roadmap goal.


Nothing in my post is financial advice. Self upvoted for visibility.

Post has been updated.

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I agree with you regarding the price of Land and SPS. Both will likely drop when the SPS airdrop ends. The sale of chaos packs has slowed down drastically as well so it would be nice if new aspects of the game were introduced soon to keep up the interest of all players and the price of assets. However, this would be a buying opportunity for those that have waited for prices to go down. Take care.

If history repeats itself the SPL assets USD worth will bounce back (not financial advice). Get them while the getting is good.

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As a small money player, lands are just too expensive for me still. However, as others state, if it drops far enough I’m just going to have to scrape enough together to get one. Too much FOMO! Especially when I feel like it will be well worth the investment!

I suspect the price of lands will dip some more before recovery starts but that is just speculation on my part.

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I hope I can save up enough from blogging to get a plot of land before it goes LIVE! 😊
@relf87 @koodies

I was not even active on the blockchain when the land was being sold! I am saving up and as soon as I pay the extra Bill's surrounding the family car breaking down, I will go for land. Hopefully it would have dropped even more by then!

Meanwhile, I invite @merenludick and @clairemobey to join this giveaway!

Them were the rules.


Dont think i can ever afford land.

!gif thanks

land probbably will still diping in price
IGN: @amaillo-m
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I think land will bring give more value to SPS which is yes the governance token of the game. road map looks promising too.
@mhowii @alviona

Interesting, you are the first to bring up the potential of SPS give value to land instead of the vise versa. In the long term I think you will be correct.

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@jdike I am in! I think land is currently way to expensive... I mean you exclude a lot of players if land will become a very important factor in the game, but a lot of players just cannot afford it

$250+ is allot to spend on virtual land. Splinterlands has twisted my spending habits. The most I spent on game before Splinterlands might of been $50.

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I agree :D Went straight into Cryptoraiders afterwards, though... ;)

i think land will continue to dip. i wish i could buy 1.

i want beta card so im tagging @mervinthepogi and @fiend11


I agree, I think land will continue to dip more before recovering. Thanks for the !PIZZA and !LUV.

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The land is good price. It's come down a lot, but can't afford. It's got lots of use case. land plots give you 10,000 airdrop points.I think this alone gives value to sps, which I think is worth buying at $0.10 !

Got to love those airdrop points. I to think SPS is a buy at current prices (not financial advice) but only time will tell.

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I believe many will involve in buying if the land dip in prices

I think so, there is likely many looking at the dipping price and plotting their plan to purchase one.

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It is possible that if land prices continue to fall between buying some. I think the game is very much alive and has a lot of players. I hope they are developing new entertainment and other deals that make it more interesting.

Lots of stuff is in development.

The roadmap is full of goodies. Hopefully implementation of such plans don't get pushed back.

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I wasn't active during the land sale.. so I missed out... long tears over here :-(
BUT... if it DOES continue to dip, then I might just snap up a land or two (there was no way I could justify $1, 000 per plot... but @ $200 my FOMO is piqued again.

@wynella - come check this post out... you don't have ANY beta cards, so this could be your first ;-)

@craigcryptoking - dude... you're missing out by not playing Splinterlands... maybe a free card to start can tempt you?


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I wasn't active at the time and missed out as well. I also missed out on seven cent hive. Must of been the most costly break from all things internet I have ever taken. It was insane to see plots at $1,000 considering they originally cost just $10-$20 USD. Even at todays price of $250* that is a decent ROI.

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Joining. Lands are expensive now but I think prices will drop eventually.

Good luck in the raffle.

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Lands are definitely a high-potential carrying prospect not just now, but for future developments of the game. While I don't want to speculate on pricing, I can see why it would be a worthwhile investment

Agreed, I think everyone will FOMO over land once its implemented.

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Disappointed because I was hoping that lands would be released sooner but it gives a new opportunity to people to buy some before summer while the price is not very high.
Imo when the devs will release all things regarding SPS, price will start to go up very quickly including lands.

Imo when the devs will release all things regarding SPS, price will start to go up very quickly including lands.

I have the same thoughts.

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i believe land price will dip too. It's too expensive and not too much players can be involved in owning a land.

@phicleo @shilinium


Good luck in the draw.


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I've been in some games where development is promised and never comes. I believe in the Splinterlands team. I think land price drop will be temporary until its utility is realized. I don't have any but would consider buying if it continues to drop. Long term value in games you believe in is accumulating assets.
@maloneyj55 @larose

I agree, the Splinterlands team always delivers.

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I think the land will be a game-changer but I don't know by how much. In a way, I think it will be a sink for old cards and there will be new cards for people to focus on. For prices, I think we will have to wait for it to come out to see what actually happens. It could skyrocket in value but that will be determined by the new cards released.

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That is a fair assessment.

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I think in the long term land will prove to be very valuable. There is a lot of stress in the markets right now coming from so many different angles... and I'm honestly a little surprised at how low the price has come down. If I had a bunch of spare cash I would buy up as many plots as I could!

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I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed to hear that Land phase 1 is still a few months away and phase 2 is a year away.

I'm waiting for a chance to purchase a land plot that is more cheaper, and I'm tagging @pinkhub and @virgaux

I think the land revision will let ths sps quantity,that's in_game quality,deplete a big number,and then,the sps price will return to previous price,I'm looking forward to the land revision coming.

I am curious how land is going to play out. As others have stated if the price keeps dropping I will have to dip my toes into land as well.

I really hope that the lands NFT will use some SPS to boost somehow, so the price of SPS and the price of Legendaries used to boost them both go up. That will be so nice. Making a passive income from renting them lands is also a part of the plan.

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

I also believe that land prices will continue to fall in the medium term, unfortunately…

I'm rather bullish on land. I do believe that there is a lot of potential in them, and wrote multiple blogposts on what we know about land so far. The price is dipping currently, let's see where it stops :)

I hope this will be my first beta card :) I loved to play it before Chaos was introduced :)

I think that lands are a good addition to the game. They will make it more interesting and diverse. What I don't like is that they are very expensive and will only be avaliable to a small group of players so the whole concept will be bit wasted. I'm also glad that they want to increase utility of SPS.

@yeckingo1 @sheikh27