How to get ready for the Speak Network SnapShot and Claim Drop...

Its been a long time coming but we're finally just a day away from the snapshot time for the Speak Network claim-drop which was announced three months ago....

The snapshot time is at 8 A.M. GMT Thursday January 6th, or Midnight (0.00) Jan 6th PST.

As I understand it the snapshot is going to a be 1-1 snapshot of all the Hive and Hive and HivePower in existence: including:

  • 'The Hive behind SWAP HIVE including that in Diesel pools'
  • Hive on exchanges

So if there are 400 Million Hive and Swap Hive in existence at 0,00 PST on Jan 6th, there will be a total of 400 Million LARYNX dropped to those accounts holding that Hive/ Swap Hive/ Hive Power.

HOWEVER, and this is important, the ONLY way to guarantee that you get your own personal LARYNX claim is to do 1-3 above - so the safest way to guarantee your own personal drop is to either

  1. Have staked Hive Power
  2. Have liquid Hive as actual Hive (not swap hive) in your hive wallet
  3. Have hive savings.

HBDs are definitely NOT included as part of the snapshot.

The problem with having 'third party' Hive is that the larynx is dropped to the third party account holding the tokens for you, so because swap.hive is a centrally controlled token, HIVE-ENGINE gets the LARYNX drop and then it's up to them whether they distributes it to you as a swap.hive holder, and the same with exchanges - the exchanges get the drop, and it's up them whether they distribute it to your wallet on their exchange.

It's far more likely that you'll get your LARYNX from Hive-Engine given the fact that @aggroed is pro-Hive and has a reputation at stake, with the exchanges, I wouldn't rely on them, so if you have any Hive there, get it off the exchange before drop.

You Have to Claim your LARYNX via the Speak Network from Feb for the next year!

NB you don't just get automatically dropped your free tokens, you have to log into Speak Desktop app to claim them - you can defo get them via the downloadable app which you can get here, I'm not sure whether you'll be able to claim via the online Speak App.

You'll be able to claim from February and then you'll have to do so every month for 12 months - so you get 1/12 of your snapshotted Hive (from 6 Jan) every month for the next year.

WTF is LARYNX anyway?

It's one of three basic tokens on the new Speak Network - it's basically a mining token - you burn LARYNX to received SPEAK, which is the governance token (having a say in censorship etc) and which you can stake to earn BROCCA, the gas token.

You can read more about the relationship between the three tokens within the light paper.

NB any unclaimed tokens go into a DAO.

The Speak Network is built across Hive and Peer Plays

There was a recent call to action asking people to test out the PeerPlays DEX.

Speak seems to be built across Hive and PeerPlays, NB I've no idea what PeerPlays is, but I've heard mention of it recently in relation to Hive, and being familiar with it could be crucial to dumping your LARYNX tokens if that's your intention when you claim your first batch.

I mean you know the way these drops work - you need to dump some in the first minutes before they lose 10-100 times their initial value.

I think everyone with a Speak account gets a PeerPlays account automatically connected, but just be aware, the tokenomics probably isn't going to be on Hive-Engine if that's what you're expecting.


This is the latest AMA from the end of 2021, they get to the Drop questions at around 20 mins in...

How to Prep for the 3Speak LARYNX CLAIM DROP Summary:

  1. Get yer swap.hive and any hive on exchanges into your Hive wallet by 0.00 PST Jan 6th - that's all you need do urgently. Alternatively just risk keeping yer swap.hive as swap.hive!
  2. Download the 3Speak Desktop App - as far as I'm aware you'll need this to claim your LARYNX: - you won't be able to download until Feb
  3. Find out about PeerPlays
  4. Keep an eye on the @spknetwork account for more info.

OH, and of course the Ragnorak NFT drop is at the same time as the LARYNX snapshot, but I think the game play for that is a way off yet.

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Thank you for all the useful information about the 3Speak Airdrop and I will definitely need to read thoroughly to claim my LARYNX

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It's worth a read, but there's not too much to do for month except have your Hive ready.

Download the 3Speak Desktop App

Does that mean any mobile user unable to claim larynx token ? Unless and untill that have desktop ?

I'm not 100% sure, the info post only refers to the desktop app. I imagine you'll be able to claim online too.

I don't have computer for desktop app.what should i have to do then? Can we get it in mobile?

I'm not sure, there's no clarity on this in any of the posts.

Thank you for the deets! You know what's crazy the announcement 3 months ago feels like freakin yesterday! lol

Slower for me, I'm waiting waiting patiently!

I am waiting for it when it first announced, may be in 2020.
You are right that team did not give very "concise/exact" info , apart for word "claimdrop".

Will downloading " 3Speak-app-Setup-0.1.17.exe" help in getting desktop app?

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I think I downloaded the dmg file.

Way to go.
I love airdrops.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about this one. I'll just keep watching to see how it pans out. Not expecting much anyway. 😁


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Thanks for this breakdown. Looks like I might have to think about moving some of my tokens around at least for the next couple of days. I really appreciate you sharing this as well as your take on it.

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I don't think it's too much trouble jiggling a few coins around! BEESWAP only has 0.25% fee!

For sure, I just used Beeswap today!

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Thanks for this, this is why I love Hive, you just get informations thrown around

It's a pretty complex drop this one, but for now just hold Hive basically!

interesting. I miss most if not all airdrops of crazy new token and coins because I only use HIVE as a social network and all those things get complex 😃
The whole ecosystem looks like a broken browser game to me.
Does anyone work on a tool/list/bot to handle that topic automatically (claim stuff, let use decide to keep/dump it)?

I don't think there's a bot for this, you have to go via their Speak Network to claim, if you just follow the @spknetwork account there should be details about how to claim laters.

Thanks for the information. I guess I still need to download the app later to claim it.

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It's easy enough to download, I'm sure you'll be able to do it online too.

I'm really curious about this game. It will probably be one that I might actually play.

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I think you need to play to level up your cards, none of this combining nonsense!

Are shades compulsory? 😎

Absolutely. And another rule: don't explain anything in 1 minute if you can spend an hour explaining it.

thanks, I haven't been keeping up with this one too closely. Didn't know id need to download the app

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That's what it says in the info post, but I imagine you'll be able to claim online, I'm sure they will clarify.

I'm sure it will all be revealed. There's way too much info flying around for me lol. I can't keep it all straight.

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I'm having some issues getting into the app. Somehow I can't login. Let's see if someone can help me on their discord :)

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Do you have a regular speaknetwork account already? It could be that/

After 3 hours, I've managed it. It had some delay in entering, and I kept on trying, even if it was saying that I had an account.

Thank you for the tip.

Now to the moon!

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Well they'll probably have get the app working properly before we go to the moon, glad you got in though!

I'm also real glad! Thanks again for the support.

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Nice information. this really helps and I think I will still come back to this post when people are claiming

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Cheers, I don't think we have to claim anything until Feb though!

Airdrops everywhere.

I'll be moving my swap.hive to my Hive wallet tomorrow. Like you said I would be surprised if Hive-Engine doesn't give the drop to its swap.hive holders but I'm not taking any chances.

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Thanks for the breakdown! We are reblogging this for our audience at!

Yes I bought as much Hive as I could yesterday and moved it from the cex to my wallet.

Hopefully you got it while it was cheap, up again today!

Yes I am hoping for $5 Hive eventually lol so not too worried.

Thank you for explaining this very complicated situation. I will deposit some Hive in my Savings.

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I did the same, put some back, when I realised it's dropped to all three!

I quite like the savings function. It's enough security, 3 days, with enough flexibility!

dude you got it wrong. Its not for another 9 hours. oh boy.

Technically, no I didn't get it wrong, I reported what they reported.

They just need to learn how to tell the time.

yeah i figured it wasn't your fault, pretty shocking though on their part tbh.


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Hello @revisesociology. Thank you for the valuable information. I appreciate it.