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Hive engine now has witnesses to validate the blocks to ensure data constancy between different nodes and I've launched up one of the witnesses.

We are running on a hetzner server with 4 gigs of ram, 2 vCPUs and 40 gb of storage. We do have a backup server which is on a more powerful server. That server is currently acting as the main RPC for nftmart and so it is on a much more powerful server.

Right now we are sitting at active rank 10, with one of the witnesses above us disabled. Right now it's the top 6 that always produce during a round, but starting in about 24 hours, it will become the top 10 that do that and so more witnesses will be validating more often.

Why should you support me: I participated during the test of this and so have experience with this. I also have made some tools to help with hive engine like the stake all and claim all programs(check out my past posts to find them) and create weekly snapshots for hive engine so that new witnesses can easily join in, those can be found at with the most recent one always being found at

If you'd like to support me(and the rest of @hextech as well) you can vote for @h-e for hive engine witness. There's a few places that you can do that including my site(, @primersion's site( and the official tribaldex site( Remember vote @h-e for engine witness and @hextech for hive witness.

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Voting for you guys is all fine and dandy. But how do I USE the node you guys are providing? I haven't seen a "How to use our node for dummies" yet.

Our backup/rpc node can be used on (though from time to time we switch to the one provided by engine's team when we are doing upgrades/taking backups). The backend for NFTMart is fully powered by our rpc node. Some witness nodes block off their RPC port so you can't get data out of them. Its like hive nodes, where fullnodes can be used for most reasons, witness nodes usually can't.

Ahhh, so unlike PeakD for example, it's more dependent on which website you use and they can't be changed on

As of now it can't. But if sites add an option to switch nodes then they will be able to. Since more nodes is a new thing, it'll be a while before they get implemented. A lot of the tools I've made for engine require on our backup/rpc node.

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