We're Bound To Get One Right... Right?

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Trading Sideways

On days where nothing is really moving too much and the value of your holdings is staying roughly stagnant, it seems easy to feel unsure or have a sense of anxiousness over the validity of your investment. When it's going up consistently it's easy to feel good. When it's going down consistently you can panic or average out your purchase costs. However, this middle ground is the most frustrating to me because there is no clear way of going about it, everyone has to plan themselves.

What I love most about web 3.0 blogging is putting my opinion out there and hearing just how different an approach someone else is taking/thinks is ideal. Some people think that diversification is a good thing and others think it is a bad way to spread out the potential to make life changing gains.

As a result of these discussions, I find myself thinking a lot on the sideways trading days about how much I should diversify my purchases. I feel like if we pick 100 different things we're bound to get a few of them right, but we wouldn't be able to maximize potential as finite resources would be spread out. Likewise, if we only choose to invest in a few things, we could easily miss the rocketship on a few assets we passed up on in favor of another.

The ironic reality is that no matter what we do, someone will always have done/positioned better and made a larger gain. We have to be confident in ourselves even if it feels like we might have chosen the wrong horse on those stagnant days. This bear market is testing my patience which is something that I have struggled with in the past. This is the best I've ever done at holding onto my assets, so I really hope I can see it pay off like it would have in the past if I had done the same then.

I'm only in about 8 different assets with a significant stake and I feel as if that is probably the top of the range when trying to maximize potential. Of those 8 assets, the top 4 make up roughly 80% of the total portfolio, so I'm thinking I am swinging for the fences with those guys. Hopefully I got one of them right and hopefully I won't have to wait until I'm on my death bed to realize some of the gains!

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