Leofinance Mobile App on Android Devices

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I have been trying my best to figure out how how to participate in this contest. I didn't understand at first. But Bravo!!! I did it.

At first, I enquired from a dear friend about how it is done. She told me. Then I took some screenshots from the Mobile App. Went to canva to search for the best Mock and size. I spent approximately 2 hours trying to carry out the design.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3).gif
I used ezgif to make this combined gif








I am a f of dark mode, I don't know why I so much love the dark mode option. Maybe because of my sight or something like that.

I love the Notifications options so much. Because it helps me keep track of what's happening in my account. I am sure this is same for everyone.


All the themes used are my favourite that's why I choose them.


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It really looks good, great design.

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Thanks so kindly Dear friend.

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Nice presentation and honestly this is really helpful and useful

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Wow.. that's good to hear. Thanks so kindly for the comment.

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That's quite good. The layout and presentation is well structured !

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Wow... thanks so kindly for that sweet compliment. I feel good.

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Thanks for sharing this amazing application here. I feel there is going to be some cool passive income to increase my portfolio on the decentralized https://atomicwallet.io/, multi-coin wallet.

Yes surely. The Application also gives you passive income. And I am sure you will enjoy using it. Thanks so kindly for stopping by.

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You did really great. I like how you simplified the options!

Thanks so kindly for the guide you gave. I accord you the credit.

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Whoo! This is amazing..
You're good at what you do! The fonts and colours used is just so superb..

Thanks so kindly Dear friend. I appreciate your contribution.

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You're welcome dear!

Wow you did one hell of a job 👏
Please come and teach me how to design 🙃😁
Thanks for sharing dear.

Alright..I will. Thanks so kindly for your contribution.

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