HIVE Made a Big Leap Despite the Bear Market. What does it mean?

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Although we are still in the bear market, many cryptocurrencies are struggling to recover. Many cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BNB, are struggling to break the bearish cycle and enter an upward trend. But HIVE stands out as one of the strongest cryptocurrencies most willing to move higher. HIVE has made an unbelievable rise against both the USD and BTC today. And it seems willing to move higher.


HIVE is up almost 90% today, reaching $0.97. It fell back around $1 where it was rejected. There is a very strong resistance at $1, it doesn't seem like it will break in the first try, so it's normal to be rejected at the first try. But in the following sessions, HIVE may retest the $1 resistance. HIVE is currently trading at $ 0.85 and even when we look at its current price, it seems to have gained about 65% compared to yesterday. This is truly a great achievement. If HIVE can continue the current uptrend, it can reach above $1 in the coming sessions.

Although we are still in a bear market, such a rise is very remarkable. This signals HIVE's desire to move higher. Once the crypto market has fully recovered from the bear market, HIVE looks set to move quickly to hit a new ATH.

Not only in the Usd parity, HIVE also recorded a very significant rise against Bitcoin.


According to current data, HIVE seems to have gained almost 66% against Bitcoin. HIVE is almost the biggest gainer in the crypto market today. Such a rise is indeed a great success and promising for the future.

It's hard to know if HIVE can continue its upward trend, but it is definitely one of the strongest cryptocurrencies.

Frankly, I think HIVE will move rapidly towards a new ATH once we exit the bear market. HIVE last hit ATH at $3.41 on November 26, 2021. Will it hit a new ATH towards the end of the year? It depends on the general state of the crypto market, but I feel it could happen.

We'll wait and see.

This is not investment advice. I'm just writing my own opinions and predictions. Please do your own research.

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Hive is doing great in the bear market and this makes me happy, I just keep wondering what the price will be in the bull market

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I totally agree with you and I wanted to talk about that too. It will be exciting to follow Hive's chart in the bull market.

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Bull run for hive will be crazy

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If it passes $1, do you think we're heading for ATH numbers?

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However, if it breaks the $1 resistance, its price may move higher.

It's too early to tell because for a new ATH, the overall state of the crypto market is also very important. I mean, I think once we get out of the bear market, HIVE can rush towards a new ATH. And I think that's not too far off.

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Great to see Hive reaching a high 96 cent, that's an unexpected move during this bear market with Altcoins struggling for bullish momentum.

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Frankly, I was expecting a leap, but such a big leap was really unexpected.

Despite being in a bear market, it has been a very impressive and exciting rise. When we come out of the bear market, it can make an incredible rally.

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