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The current economy of DCity is the logical conclusion of its rules.
The game has always had two currencies, with a fixed exchange rate assumed through the price of random cards.
Changes in the market HIVE/SIM price can motivate changes in behaviour.
However, the two currencies have also developed into two economies with different tactics.
Those tactics have led to a disconnect between the SIM economy and the HIVE economy.
Worse than that, one side of the economy is able to influence the other side without any feedback in the reverse direction.
Hence, it is now possible to protect one's HIVE earnings by selling SIM earnings thereby increasing SIM taxes further.
This allows the HIVE-earning cities to continue to earn, grow and multiply.
There is nothing any President can do about this.

The solution is to tax HIVE earnings in the same way as SIM earnings.
The DCity game will last longer and we may see a miraculous change in tactics,

This is very easy to implement.
If we wish each President to actually have something to do, then we could leave the current tax options as they are and just take the Income Tax figure for SIM earnings and apply only that to the HIVE earnings.



Nice enjoyed thid

Taxes promote inactivity. It's why you've seen the player base dive off a cliff. If you're not making any income to get more cards what is the point and they leave. 3rd edition of course will bring some love and honestly you can buy SIM for next to nothing to grow your city but most people don't do that.

Taxes promote behaviour that minimises such taxes - unless the individual can do nothing about them, and then they feel like part of the rules rather than part of the game.

The suggestion is not so much about taxes, although that is the mechanism, but to introduce another level of feedback that seems missing.

Yes, your suggestion is correct, all users can play the same big-city game, but that in itself is one of the consequences: that a game that has at least a handful of different strategies, that work at different levels, has become overwhelmed and dominated by a single strategy.

If this wasn't obvious before, it is now, so the suggestion is mainly to return to a diversity of cities - and a diversity of players.

I like the idea to tax more 0 sim income cities. These players don't have the cons beyond 30% luxury tax and even that makes the other strategy less appealing if ROI was the main objective.

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I am aware of that! Isn't the same thing at all as it only applies to zero-SIM cities.