2 Days Left.... Get Ready For HivePud

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I have been powering up hp since i joined on Hive. I also joined previous hpud program. So again i decide to join this great event. Some people invest their money in many scam and useless projects, many investors lost money on fake ico. But i think Hive would be the best project to invest your money and grow your asset. Let's talk about the benefits of Hpud.

Hpud is about to transfer your liquid Hive to Hive power that help you to increase your voting value. You can support other content creator even you get curation reward from your every voting. That means both are getting benefits. That is a master plan to build a true blockchain based social platform. But lot of people have no idea about Hive power. Hope this event help other users to learn about the benefits of Hive power.

I already planned to join on #Hpud and powering up some Hive on 1st July , 2020. Hope you guys also join this great event. You can read the guidelines to join #Hivepud event: https://peakd.com/hivepud/@traciyork/announcement-post-hive-power-up-day-july-1st-2020

I like to thank @traciyork for organizing this great event. Hope Big Hivers support the great event and will increase more reward in upcoming event. It's the most important event to attract the investors. Thanks for reading.

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Good luck. There's prizes to be won

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