"Women entrepreneurs" Interview with a local businesswoman

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For a long time it has been thought that women know little about finances, I am very happy that this is changing; in fact, many women have had to set new paths totally different from the example given by our parents.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to interview a businesswoman from the city who gave me a few minutes of her time to share her experiences as an entrepreneur. Anabel Sifontes is CEO of a travel agency and a coffee shop; talking with her and her evolutionary process has been very valuable for me and my audience.


These are important aspects that Anabel shared that day:

1_ Test the market and go with it

Although Anabel used other words, she before going into her own business tested the market and then decided to go with all her strength and focus to build her own companies.

2_ Develop an ecosystem

This aspect surely you have heard before, it is about expanding business in the same sector that you know; in the case of Anabel Sifontes she started with her travel agency, then opened a thematic coffee shop and one of her new projects is to provide and advise restaurants on the purchase of plastic packaging.

3_ Focus your mind

Anabel shares in the interview that she did not have any family examples of entrepreneurs, but still she is, and does not stop preparing herself to be better and grow even more.

4_Work on what you love

Since she was a child, Anabel loved to travel, she wanted to travel the country on a road trip with her parents, thanks to the fact that she studied Geology and that she has adventurous parents she was able to know almost all of Venezuela. That's why her first company was a travel agency.

Without a doubt this interview has been very enriching and I couldn't stop sharing it with you here in #LeoFinance and Hive. For me Sam Giset is a total pleasure to bring you information that can help and inspire you.

If everything has changed or is changing, women will begin to have more power in business and we can help change the world from a business point of view.
Sam Giset

The interview is in Spanish, maybe you can understand a bit with the automatic subtitles.

I hope you liked this post and that it brought you value. Let me know your impressions in the comments. 🚀

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This world needs "independent (business) women" ;)
Respect, keep on...

Beautiful - you've done a great job! Continue like that and soon you'll be at the top!

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Thank you for reading the article and leaving your comment, I am working on continuing to create content to inspire and add value.

I hope to be on top soon!😉

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It was my pleasure!

Thank you for the reply and have a fabulous week ahead!

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Thank you :-)

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Thank for your support 😀

Thanks for sharing Sam.

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Thank for your support @forexbrokr :-)

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The information so motivated me.

Hi @harisfaris! Thank you for leaving your opinion. I'm glad you were motivated by the article. :-)

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Well done! (although, I don't understand Spanish).

Thank you! Oh 😉 sorry for that.

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Thank you for sharing in English the most important points/take aways of the interview.
I believe we have a lot to learn from discussing with people who tried and succeeded in their goals.

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I liked the points and takeaways.

I don't listen to a lot of videos because my house is noisy, so I appreciate being able to read the synopsis.

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Hi @katerinaramm! Thank you for reading and leaving me this comment. It makes me very happy to know that you liked it, I loved leaving these important points in English.

I agree with you, we can learn a lot from each other's experience. :-) I really enjoyed this experience.

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Work with what you love is my favorite one.

Very positive and informational. Thank you for sharing.

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That is also one of my favorite parts. I love seeing how people can do business with the things they love to do.

Thank you for your support! :-)

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This is amazing... would love to see something in every language of the world! I don't care if I have to translate... nowadays that's the easy part. Getting people to participate is the hard thing!


Cheers! Thank you very much @forykw, I really like your idea. Learning through this type of experience is great. :-)

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Oh! Thank you! Cheers!

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love the enrgy! keep on hustling

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Oh! Thank you! It was an experience that I loved.

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Cada emprendimiento es un reto y una gran responsabilidad, el trabajo es hermoso y si lo hacemos con pasión es mil veces mejor.

Te felicito, es un gran trabajo!

Gracias @bigcarrillo; tienes razón con lo que expresas es un gran reto y una gran responsabilidad. 😊

Gracias por tus palabras, muchos saludos!

Exelente publicacion, muy instructiva, gracias por compartir.

Gracias! Me alegra que te haya gustado @prm4031, quise que fuera de mucho valor. Aprender un poco de las experiencias de otros es fabuloso.

Muchos saludos!

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Hola Sam,

Antes de ver esta publicación y la entrevista de Anabel, tuve el placer de conversar por Instagram con ella y realmente es tan maravillosa como se ve acá en en la entrevista, es una persona súper encantadora y te impulsa.

Gracias por compartir emprendedores venezolanos.
Tú eres uno de ellos.


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Hola bella @arlettemsalase!!

Ayy que super, Anabel realmente es muy agradable, muy abierta y disruptiva.

Me alegra saber que establecieron contacto. Muchos saludos para ti y gracias por tanto apoyo. Un abrazo!

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