Become A Good Earner & Investor is A 'Wise Choice'.

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There are two types of earning: 1.Earn through your physical & mental activities 2. Earn through your investment.

The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself...
The more your learn ,The more you'll earn
_ Warren Buffet

But if you are learning to earn then first you need to start either business or job .

There are thousands of business ideas that you can apply for your start up which depends on 4 major factors 1. Place 2. Product 3. price 4. promotion
If you are good enough to handle those 4 factors then you are earning good amount through your business.

In jobs , you are a brand in yourself which are hired by companies or administration to create or deliver valuable service for them and thats how you earn some salary.

Once we earned after doing business or jobs ,we look for multiplier i mean someone who can provide interest or double up your money in limited time .This concept overall comes in investment criteria .

Banking , Stock market , Government Bond, Gold ,Cryptocurrency , Real Estate and so on.. we find to make our money as multiplier but if you are not a good investor instead of good earner then your money will not make you rich ever.

In present time , everyone want to be a millionaire or billionaire and invest their money from low risk to high risk zone that is cryptocurrency , stock market.
Sorry , i will not recommend Casino in investment zone as it is totally Gambling where only your luck make you rich not any company balance sheet and their growth .

If i am wise investor and have limited money to invest then i will go for buying Gold , Fixed deposit in centralised bank, Buy government Bond and finally purchase some house or land which is deflationary asset which value will be grown more in future .

If I have lot of money then obviously ,will go to buy Highly valued and blue chip stock which will give profit with many x and also will put me in loss in many x.That's why i called high risk investment.

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Cryptocurrency has open new door for investment which is more higher in risk than Stock market. i will recommend to not invest more than 20% of your life savings as crypto is not regulated and the price even go to zero in the future.

Investment is always risky so whenever you invest your life savings then few points need to take note:

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  1. Always invest in well reputed companies whose profit or loss track sheet is updated , no debt ,no scam connection.

  2. Do not invest your savings somewhere whose growth is depend upon creating hype and promotion instead focusing on quality product and service delivery.

  3. Advice and Tips is not working if you going to invest into stock market and cryptocurrency . so always do study before invest.

  4. Never invest your life savings into single company stock, cryptocurrency, bank as we know there are many cases happen for bankruptcy in the world.

  5. Read news, blogs, update yourself with current affairs and being predictive .example : i bought oil company stock today and next day i heard crude oil price went down due to some reason then better sold the stock in profit rather loosing.

  6. In terms of cryptocurrency investment , if you invest 1000 dollar in bitcoin and market went up then control your greed and book your profit instead crying after crash.

Becoming good earner and investor is not very tough if we proceed wisely .There are many inspiration who turned their peanuts income into billion dollar investment and they are not different human but same like us.

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Yes I really love the things you put him please is setting up a business with those tips it will really help to go a long way.

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Do not invest your savings somewhere whose growth is depend upon creating hype and promotion instead focusing on quality product and service delivery.

Aha! Tell this to the dog and meme people! Tell them to quit chasing extreme cheap stuff with no utility but hopes to moon.

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haha..these doge everywhere spamming the coin market.