Binance NFT marketplace is now live .

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World biggest crypto exchange and blockchain company has just launched live NFT market place for crypto assets where ART ,GAMING , ENTERTAINMENT , SPORTS AND ANY MORE CATEGORIES can be directly buy and sale through bid and fixed price.

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After market went live , There are lot of NFT got listed which was reviewed by NFT Binance team before listing.

Anybody can create NFT at Binance but this feature is not active at this time.As we know there are already NFT marketplace platform working well on ethereum called OPEN SEA and finally Binance launched on binance chain.

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Binance is steping up with current market trend and that is NFT which make finance first exchange for this initiative.

Presently there are limited and premium NFT getting listed around the world but soon binance will expand its service where it will be open for non-premium too.

All the listed NFT are being bid from 1 BNB to 3000 BNB that is valued on the base of creativity , arts, environment consciousness, empowerment etc.

This launching platform will sure bring the ART to be recognised by the world on blockchain as pure and original .
it will promote artist to reward them with great value and make them copyright owner on decentralised platform.

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