Browsing data on internet with earning crypto, Hive also can do this.

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Cryptocurrency is such a technology which can seriously kill the giant browser called 'Google'.
Recently , we have seen a massive boom in the browsing data on internet. At first we were introduced with 'Brave' which progressed well in the growth, likely to be a alternative browser on Ethereum blockchain which rewards users , publisher and advertiser with BAT (Basic Attention Token). even Brave claimed to be one of the best browser where we get only data without unnecessary ads also it made our system more secure from unwanted traffic and malware.
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Top web browser Google , Firefox , Opera , Safari and so on looks helpless in front of Brave browser which can benefit direct to their core users and advertisers.

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Brave is not alone to challenge all the current browser who just don't pay back to users for using .In the list now also added :
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presearch is browsing medium where we earn ETH token called 'presearch (pre).it has lot other features like staking your keywords and earn .

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Netbox is the emerging browser with highest price value after BAT . simply we browse our data and earn Netbox coin direct to your netbox wallet .

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permission is newly launched ads revenue earning platform where we just watch ads and earn ASK coin which is redeemable to purchase products on their website or you can trade the coin through their listed exchange .
Permission recently jumped in browsing data market where it simply ask you to earn ASK coin by watching ads . it is currently on google browser extension but soon launching their own app.

The Billion market browsing industry has no more limited opportunity since blockchain existed and soon these crypto based earning browser will grab the crown of king from all the popular internet browsing comopanies like google chrome , safari , opera , edge , firefox.

Hive is one of the king of social networking in the blockchain industry and it should work fast to bring their own browsing mechanism which could be more fruitful and growth for Hive blockchain . Hope Hive community will take this opportunity in right way for making hive one of advanced blockchain .

I have not added any referral link here during mentioning all the browsers since i aim to just spread some updates about blockchain technology.

Official website of all the browsing companies.

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