Chainswap (ASAP) got hacked today. is your fund safe?

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Chain swap token on Ethereum blockchain is unfortunately hacked this morning where worth of $8 Million token been compromised .
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The total asset value $163,773,273 is completely controlled buy hackers and the project looks failed at this point where investors rush to pull the token out .

Presently, 79 Tokens are supported for swapping through from various chain . The Most affected chain was Binance smart chain(BSC) where Hackers initiated .
The chainswap team still trying to recover the token from BSC chains through freezing all the accounts and filtering the tokens.
As per team, all the token through individual wallets are safe.
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There are the list of most affected project:
Wilder worlds (WILD)
optionroom (ROOM)
antimatter (MATTER)
Unido (VTX)
Umbrella bank (UMB)
Blank (BLANK)
Unifarm (UFARM)
Corra (CORA)
and many more ..

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It is highly advisable to not buy and sell any token through Chainswap as it is exploited and all the tokens on the smart chain are being stolen by hackers.

After thhe news come out , all the token which are listen on chainswap are dropped in price value including chainswap token price.
Pancake swap immediately deactivated from chainswap wallet connect.
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Those who have invested on chainswap ,might their fund will become zero.As per some crypto analyst , Do not buy any token on the chainswap platform untill the fixing settled and new contract issued with 1:1 token swaping.

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