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From digital to Food ,Oil & Gas to wine industry and Retail to Logistic sector, Everywhere we looking for someone who can provide secure ,reliable , decentralised , easy traceable and complete store of data and Finally it is got in the crypto market called "VeChain" .

VeChain is long served blockchain technology initiated in 2015 and till now it has made lot of milestone of success in the enterprises from low to high budget.

How to understand easily in simple language about Vechain:
Let's have an example:Screenshot 20210715 at 5.41.52 PM.png
I use to eat Kellogg's everyday .basically i go out and buy from local shop but i don't know about product originality.The product i buy might be duplicated or fake product so how do i trace the product as consumer during some serious issue happened and that is the point company need to protect their product on blockchain to easy traceable and inventory of sold or transferred. Vechain blockchain plays such a vital role in food safety industry where every data like food production dates, expiry dates, total numbers of production are time stamped on blockchain which is so useful to control the food quality production and consumption.

Supply Chain :
The supply chain market is huge and linked globally .The production of items either food ,electronics or whatever need to provide solid latest technology support to make the area more fast and efficient and in the field , Vechain plays important role.
Let's have an example :
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i ordered a LCD Tv online from Amazon and my delivery arrived today but the condition of Tv was quite bad as it was scratches and broken inside .I called Amazon and the service was not satisfied by me as the problem was happened with third party who delivered my Tv .
So Vechain provide such traceability of the product from manufacturing to Delivery with all recorded data on blockchain where easily can detect the condition of the product.

Vechain is also provide authenticity of handling your vehicles either you bought from shop or from third party all the key data about handling the vehicles with proof of ownership ,replacement of tools , documentation and certifications are stored on vechain in the term of Vehicle digital passport.

Presently Vechain is the core system of Big Automobile, wine,Gas and fashion industries where every unit is chipped with blockchain traceable code and information.

China government recently worked with Vechain organisation to trace the data of all the non-vaccinated and vaccinated population on the blockchain.

The expansion of such blockchain which provide real connectivity with real enterprises and companies to make the data secured and protected with decentralisation where nobody can tamper or fake the copyright.
The copyright issue become more serious in terms of Certification or content copyright . centralised organisation is not capable to cop with such problems and Vechain is proofing itself to handle all these with complete ease of blockchain technology.
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Vechain is working well with the enterprises through incentivise them on the basis of Digital Carbon Reduction which is too major issue for our environment.

Vechain has lot to provide to their consumers and it is delivering continuously since launched. The current crypto market is bearish but once the bull start then i am sure Vechain crypto will grow in the price value till $1.00 atleast in next 2 years.

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