DeFi in Syrup, Pancakeswap syrup pools . No risk only profit

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Crypto market is Downtrending and investors are either panicky selling there holdings or multiplying their investment smartly. Crypto currency is the future most essential and daily use technology in your life and Its not going to die.Again i will say,Crypto is the such invention which can control every fields in our society .
Lets share some good news here about DeFi , If you are not familiar with DeFi term then let me explain little here .

DeFi is the Decentralised Finance which runs on blockchain without Human handling . its automated mechanism built on various blockchain like ethereum ,polygon, binance smart chain ,solana, cardano etc. Defi in the sense ,it provide earning tokens,digital currency either by staking, yield farming.Lending and Borrowing also works here on fully decentralised mechanism.

Pancake swap is also a decentralised DeFi which runs on Binance smart chain (BSC) and it has lowest gas fee for any DefI Transactions.It recently launched to grab more users by offering highest yield farming and staking .

Bondly launched at pancakeswap which can be earn by staking CAKE and BNB token .
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As we can seein the picture below, you will get clear idea about how high APR is being offered.It has APR RATE FROM 90% TO 120 % .

Recently binance released launchpad where ATA can earn through farming where BNB token you just need to stake but the ATA APR rate of earning was not higher than pancakeswap syrup pools ATA earning.

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pancake swap also offering its website visitors tio claim free CAKE token from Auto CAKE bounty .
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Pancakeswap Defi earning is very lucrative But still you need to do your own research before investing . the purpose of this post is just to aware crypto communities about latest trend and promotion .

Anyways i had received some comment about how to connect my wallet to pancakeswap so i have guided below in bullets:

1.Make sure you have Binance Smart Chain (BSC)downloaded in your mobile or wallet extension in google chrome browser then you need to add ateast 1 CAKE token with few BNB token (minimum 0.005) in your wallet to start earning through Pancakeswap syrup pools Defi.

2.Connect your BSC wallet with pancakeswap site then simply go to pools section and choose your DeFi Category .they are having option like Auto staking and manual where auto is reinvesting your earning and compounding automatically and manual is no reinvestment and compounding unless you decide . a little fee will be charged when you do reinvestment or compounding.

3.Your earning goes directly to your wallet and thats all .

Pancakeswap is performing so better than other defi . Its TVL (Total Value Locked) is highest among other Defi.pancakeswap token price still not valued properly and it will predicted go more higher in upcoming days.

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The market taking a bearish trend is what got everyone is panic mostly the investors, however in all this fears and panic we can still gain when you apply a reasonable trade analysis....the market favours traders but also give investors a clear entry level to hold on till price rise when market turn bullish trend again.