Ethereum will be next Bitcoin , Surely No doubt.

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The industrial revolution allowed us ,for the first time , to start replacing human labour with machines.
_Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum is the mother of all the blockchain which provide smart contract integration and side chain scalability for real business.

Many years ago when ethereum born , There were many speculation about the sustainability of this new technology which was introduced to the world by ethereum where real people can work for something real product which can solve the real problem of the society.

With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to a third party middle man ,money can be secure and transactions effortless.
_ Satoshi Nakamoto

Prof.Satoshi was the man who was so visionary and capable to show the world a more independent and secured financial freedom ,created Bitcoin but someone needed to lead this blockchain galaxy to the next level and Ethereum had got this opportunity which not only able to work as currency but also could resolve other financial and economical issues .

Ethereum has been proved as 2nd most valuable after bitcoin and it was not possible by just called cryptocurrency . Ethereum has now been more than currency and mostly known for smart contract provider for the developers.
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As in today world ,people think bitcoin "a store of value" ,soon ETH will be treated same.

Ethereum is currently criticised as gas fee is too high even for smaller transactions but the team behind is completely dedicated to resolve this issue as soon as possible by converting its mining from proof of work (PoW)to proof stake(PoS).
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If we explore the browser then we realise there are most of the crypto news comes from ethereum or related its smart contract token.
Now after successful DeFi(Decentralised Finance) , New trend is circulating in the market called NFT (Non-Fungible Token) which also originated from ethereum blockchain network. if you remember Crypto Kitties ,got popularity in previous years is the best example which lead the market to adopt widely and thats all, NFT took the shape in global market.

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I am not first to write the article about ethereum value but many others also analysed many years ago when ethereum was just $14/eth .look at the link taken from steemit site:
it was posted 4 years ago , and till now eth grew 200x times .

So, How is the conclusion ?
shall we buy it ?
i think it is still your decision .my purpose is to educate more about this great project which slowly and steadily climbing the ladder and it is not going to look behind .

Resources: Data analysed from various source of news.
images has been taken from google .

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