Leo Finance and and Its Growth.

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Hive blockchain is the one of the most potential and growing
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blockchain as best choice for Contents creators . Its Dapps are straight killing other project which basically developing as blog platform.

Leo Finance which is something like hidden gems of Hive Dapps treasury which has such a wonderful Devs whose passion and dedication can for sure make the Leo Finance a shining diamond in the history of social blockchain .

A perfect blend of blogging cums Defi thats how Leo Finance emerging.

Hive was hard forked last year from steem blockchain and it has such a strong communities which hardly i felt on steem blockchain.

Steem blockchain is presently not providing decentralisation contents creation as there are lot of whales who loves to upvotes other languages like korean , chinese contents instead promoting english contents .

I personally feel , creating valuable content on Steem blockchain is not worthy of your time spent on it. After many attempt i finally decided to quit steem platform and try to be focused on HIVE and specially create content on Leo Finance.

Leo Finance communities loves to support a good contents and there never happen any discrimination on upvoting.

Hive Hard fork again scheduled in coming days , i think hive and Leo finance has lot to develop on it platform where video contents ,NFTs , Gaming becomes more easy and reachable to even simple users.

Best of luck Hive for your next hard fork and Leo finance for success of your DefI Called "Cub Finance" .
I will definitely promote this lovely community through out my other social platform.

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