Leo Finance succeeding as great combination of Blogging and DeFi Hub.

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Blockchain industries is emerging as best solution for common people to handle their Daily workloads.It helping the current traditional system to upgrade to modernisation.

Leo Finance when launched 2 years ago as simple blogging platform on Steem and now Hive Blockchain ,Very hard to predict that Leo will be achieve success in up-gradation and consistent development but Its true and visible to everyone that Leo finance is achieve the milestone after competitive journey.

Before go to Its Dapps like Cub Finance , lets know few things in short about DeFi :

DeFi which is expanded as Decentralized Finance is a complete financial ecosystem or an umbrella that offers the suite of financial products and services, like , lending, borrowing , fixed income, insurance etc, making it available for masses on a public decentralized blockchain network , without any authority of any middleman.

There are Many DefI project successfully running on various blockchain and the top 15 are:
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Let's have some glance on Cub Finance as well. Leo Finance team and their communities are one of the wonderful key success, has been noticed that how quickly they are growing and changing the platform with lot of effort.

Cub Finance is just in short time ,proved to be big whale in defi market .The day is near when Cub Finance will be recognised by big Mass investors.

Cub Finance has many other features to bring to their users like Lending and Dao Governance which will be more interesting and happy to see Leo finance growing up.

The Best Defi platform Developed by Leo Finance where yield farming APY is higher then others Defi Projects. Decentralised Exchange also a good feature where trading can be done with different pair like Hive/Leo.

Cub Finance is multi blockchain platform where simply can be connect with ERC20 or BEP20.

Leo Finance blogging platform is highly rewarded where anybody can join and earn Leo Tokens.

In next few Years, no wonder if Leo Finance will be much valuable and productive than other project. Hope this will be continued and provide great service to their communities .

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