NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Impact on our society. Blockchain most productive Creation.

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There is no wrong if we could say, this year crypto industry is re-creating itself as NFT Development.After Huge success of DefI ,NFT is emerging as Money zone for ART Creators which also getting huge support from various exchanges like Binance , etc.

Did you heard recently a crazy news where Beeple sold NFT worth $69.3 Millions to Mr Vignesh Sundaresan? here is the link: source

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NFT which is Non-Fungible Token built on Blockchain where users Asset ownership is protected .The great Advantage of NFT where No replication ,No violence of copyright issues happens.

Today some good news we got from Binance ,it going to launch Feature by Binance where top NFT Art will be stored for commercial use .

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In the last week we had beautiful news EL Salvador about legalise Bitcoin and Now we getting some other exciting news about NFT and that is from Uganda that soon going to collaborate with Binance feature to store its Digital NFT Art.

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After Reading the post ,You might be thinking about How to create NFT so i will tell you, creating NFT is very easy if you go to the site called .Simply register your self at the site and connect your wallet either ethereum mainnet through metamask or Zilliqa mainnet through Zilpay and upload your picture and simply click "create a new item "and you done . your NFT is ready to sell or transfer to other wallet on blockchain.
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NFT has great future as Creator will safe from copyrights infringement. NFT will be also benefiting in Charity work , Government Data Records, Students Academic Certifications.

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This image is taken from which is actually NFT limited collection called Punk #7523 .This NFT Art was sold at $11.8 Millions US Dollars .
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No Wonder Most fintech companies encouraging their developers to work and create Rare and limited NFTs As they see Big market possibility in the future.

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It is quite amazing how fast the world is moving around cryptocurrency as well as NFT's. Even though a lot of persons are still yet to see the benefits

I was particularly impressed by the fact that El Salvador decided to jump into the opportunities that crypto brings

And now you are telling me I can create an NFT too by simply clicking one or two buttons.

I love the alien Punk NFT, I am a great fan of Aliens, I have tons of novels around aliens and spaceship. At some point, I always want to believe, they are real. Can you imagine that? lol

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