Shiba Inu coin can reach $0.001 Easily in price.

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After Dogecoin success ,there are many coins has been listed on coinmarket but one coin is still being trending and that is Shiba Coin which current price is so volatile .
Shiba coin recently been so popular worldwide as celebrity and tech personality tag shiba as dogecoin killer.

Vitalik Butterin is one of them to compliment Shiba coin as best meme coin on ethereum blockchain .

Let's come to the point and analyse whether shiba coin will hit ever in the price of $0.001 or not.

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Maximum Total Supply of Shiba coin is 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1000 Trillion)
Circulating Supply : 497,730,966,630,395 (as per coingecko site)

The remaining supply which will be added later : 503,270,134,370,705

Now let's calculate the balance supply which is currently circulating in the market.

The formula is : circulating supply (497,730,966,630,395) less with Burn wallet (410,246,191,954,529) then current circulating balance will be : 87,480,774,675,866.

As per Ether Scan explorer , In the break down of 87,480,774,675,866 (87 Trillion approx) circulation is presently being hold by big exchanges like uniswap, binance, vilatik butterin wallet and common investors like you and me.

Now the question is can shiba ever hit $0.001 in near future then i say yes if the market cap of shiba will hit $87,484,774,675.9( 87 Billion approx) .

condition is shiba circulating supply must be stable as what it is in present time .

Shiba is presently having $4,360,877,891 market cap as per coingecko and reaching the market cap $87,484,774,675 also can be possible to become 1 shiba in the value price of $0.001.

In the whole summery, in the crypto market everything is possible . the worthless coin can be worth of $1.00 or worth of Zero as well.

Shiba is well trending and gained popularity in just few months .Shiba has many other features which will be launching soon like shiba swap ,DeFi, Trading , NFT ,Exchange etc

Disclaimer: This article is not written for investing purpose but for entertainment. Do your own research before investing

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