Splinterland Card collection will be good investment for future.

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Blockchain Gaming zone is rapidly growing and launching every day such new games which is not only let you earn but also enjoying while play.

Splinterland was the pioneer game in the hive blockchain where earning and playing is both enjoyable . Collecting your Monstercards with high abilities and stats make it good investment even you do not play all the time .

There are lot of Rare card collection are being sold at less than $1.00 which could be better to idea to buy it as investment purpose and sell it at high price in the future or earn though leasing or staking in the future.
There are Top 3 cards which i love to collect :

Screenshot 20210622 at 12.50.49 PM.png

  1. Lighting Dragon: one of the highest price rarest card with abilities of flying , stun, blast, piercing and all the stats like melee attack , ranged attack , magic attack can be found. it is dragon spliter card which is limited edition and available to buy on splinterland site.
    This card can make you good profit if you store it for longer time as well.

Screenshot 20210622 at 1.02.34 PM.png

2 . Spirit of the forest: earth splinter card which is rare collection ,having all the abilities to kill the enemy with the character like magic attack. its features abilities are :
Tank Heal , Snipe , Flying , protect. The health of the card is also better . it could be better opportunity to buy and store it for future value gain.

Screenshot 20210622 at 1.12.16 PM.png

3 . Frost Giant is the water splinter card with power health .it can shield, trample, stun , slow as its abilities defines .

These are rare and limited collection which you must owned and surely this will benefit you in future.

In summery , There are launching new edition always in splinterland and old edition is getting older and older to become more experienced cards.
if you love NFT then splinterland card collection is the great place to start.


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