Start Mining Ethereum at your home.Profitable Earning.

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Mining Ethereum is no more controlled by big mining companies or farm. Even we can mine ethereum at home with just simple set up .
I am mining ethereum from last many months and it still profitable after price went down from 3k to 2k approx .

But, Ethereum is predicted to be more in value in upcoming time so i am not selling any ether. In 2022, Ethereum will be moving on proof of stake consensus which will lead the network with least gas price and more scalable .

Many people recommended me to not buy these mining rig as we know ethereum will be shifting to proof of stake (PoS) and it will useless afterward but let me clear that i almost covered all my investment on these product in just 4 months and now i am everyday in profit .

I will let everyone know about my earning after paying all the related expense but before ,want to clarify that your mining rig can not be wasted even after ethereum PoS .you can mine other coin like ethereum classic , Ravencoin , monero , zcash etc .

Mining ethereum is still happening on GPU (Graphic processing Unit and if you like other coin to mine at same computational power then still have many crypto option in the market for mining.

let's know what we simply need to build a mining rig.

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The above pic is the detail of what i bought to set my ether mining rig . all the cost and total are mentioned in indian rupees. i will convert this expense in USD in later paragraph.

  1. Mother board (ASROCK H-110 BTC PRO(13GPU) purchased 2 in quantity. (price in USD= 249*2 total = 500 USD approx)
  2. Kingston SSD 120GB purchased 2 in quantity (price in USD= 27*2 total= 54 USD)
  3. Table fan purchased 2 in quantity (price in USD = 27*2 total = 54 USD)
  4. SMPS-COOLER MASTER 850W purchased 4 in quantity (price in USD = 120*4 total =480 USD)
  5. GPU-GALAX 3070 purchased 14 in quantity (price in USD = 1,235*14 total = 17,290 USD)
  6. GPU-ZOTAC 3070 purchased 1 in quantity (price in USD=1,262)
  7. GPU-GALAXY 3060 purchased 2 in quantity (price in USD = 657*2 total = 1,314 USD)
  8. RAM CRUCIAL DDR4 8GB purchased 2 in quantity (price in USD = 47*2 total = 94 USD)

9.PROCESSOR I3 6GEN purchased 2 in quantity (price in USD = 106*2 total = 212 USD)

  1. RISER purchased 20 in quantity (price in USD = 10*20 total = 200 USD)

  2. WOOD RIG (purchased 150 USD)


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Above pic will show you how my technician setting up mining rig.

So, after we built the mining rig then finally i had to configure the ether wallet with my computer which also a simple step to follow.

  1. Make your computer set up.
  2. Get the ethereum wallet like mist or my ether wallet in your computer.
  3. Join the network either mining alone or through joining mining pools.
  4. your mining starts now.

in more detail about how can be mine from basics then simply you may follow the landing page link:

Overall in final words, i easily make approx $6000 USD in ETH which can be more valueable once price jumps to 5 to 10k in next few year.

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In Summery,
I hope you liked the article and had some idea about how can we earn crypto through just investing some funds and earn everyday .

if you think i forgot to mention something then simply comment me.

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