Just Did It - fulfilled my goal of investing for 100000 hive

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Invest in hive


I had always a dream of having 100000 hive and I just fulfilled it taking the opportunity of buying it when it was below 10 cents. So far #HIVE is my only investment in crypto and the reason I did invest in hive is that I believe in hive.

I know, we have numerous problems, but we are still building. I am very much interested in the idea of promoting hive as a two layered blockchains that app developers can leverage instantly to build and have a user base from our community. However, I believe, we need to do some professional marketing once its ready. I have mentioned the same several times, @blocktrades team probably would be the best team to indicate, when we are ready to promote our 2-layered solution ( I mean it's ready to be used).

@theycallmedan called for action in his recent post to just do it what we feel would be great for our community. While I agree to all his points, I think, we need to continuously ask ourselves : are we fit for Growth, focused on Growth and positioned for Growth ?

It will help us to focus on what we are doing, and plan better to be ready to take our community to next level. With the price of hive going down, I think, the middle class in the community is getting stronger. However, we still have a lot of work to take it to the common people. And DApps will be our channel to reach to the masses.

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Nice one! Congrats!

Excellent to see great motivation and the enthusiasm that you have for HIVE. I'm also a stronger believer in HIVE Blockchain and the potential it has. It's a matter of time for this GEM to be known to the masses. HIVE is the Future and a great opportunity for all of us to take control or you may call it the market share from the so-called centralized platforms. Cheers and Once again congratulations.. And You Just Did iT.. GREAT :-)

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Awesome. Happy for your powering up. More power to you

Congrats on the big achievement!!!

@tipu curate

This is great @sanjeevm and Many congrats on this amazing milestone.

Wow great work. It was a long term due isn't it. Yeah I'm also highly optimistic about Hive, even though we have lots of problems that needs to be addressed. Comparing with the other chains, we definitely have better capabilities. Let's continue to spread positivity and hope. 👍

Pretty nice sound to my ears..
Absolutely right knock at right time..
Congratulations brother for fulfilling your dream..


Very nice! When leo pulls another 10 x I might join you XD

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👍I think, you will get a lot more.

Congratulations! Make your next goal to achieve even more.:)

we got an orca among us! congrats!

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Yes, the middle class is getting stronger and its a good sign.

now we need to help each other create a better community!

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Wow this is great sir congratulations 🎉🍻🙏⁦✌️⁩

So far HIVE is my only investment in crypto and the reason I did invest in hive is that I believe in hive.

Started investing in crypto mid 2017 and learned valuable lessons in past 3 years. And I can also proudly say HIVE is my only investment and it’ll be for next 5 years.

Congratulations on your milestone

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Impressive! Your trust, with your money, also increases our trust in Hive.
I agree with you that we need quality marketing done by professionals to drive the development of this platform.

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Congrats on the huge milestone. It's great to see the people that do believe in what is being here. It's not perfect but there is growth every day.

Hopefully myself and more people will be able to join you during this bull market and i will be moving more profits into hive when the time comes.

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hello friend @sanjeevm good day
I like to start the morning with this type of news, I am happy for you, that you enjoy it a lot. Successes
Have an excellent day

That's so amazing. Congratulations @sanjeevm. Cheers!!

Congrats! :)


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Congrats on achieving this feat ;)

Wow... 100k I'm sure you be very happy next 8 months 🤗👌👌👌👌😋

Hopefully, everyone will be very happy in next 8 months, that would be the goal of this hive community.

Yes ... I have said it lot also, when all this move up we all be happy. There is all time hope.

That's a good one buddy! Congrats on this milestone and many more to come. Do check us out and see if we worth supporting/investing... Discord? A pleasure - https://discord.gg/7BEKHuZD

Congrats for going after your dream!

Boss move! Congrats to you on securing such a large stake. You are wise my friend.

@Sanjeevm congratulations on investment and I think it will payout good

Wow, then congratulations for once. And keep your fingers crossed that you don't regret your investment in the future ;) Probably one can hope that not only for you, but for everyone here ;)

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Probably one can hope that not only for you, but for everyone here ;)

Exactly - everyone should be happy on this chain.

Namaste🙏 @sanjeevm,Very very Congratulations ,Happy to see that you fulfilled your dream and took 100000 Hive, it's your nice thought about common people in Hive. please be safe and take care.

Ahhh my goodness, how can I miss this post my friend, it's a huge congratulations to you. I can say it really a morale booster, people needs to have faith on hive. I'm sure we're surely going to come good. I'm looking forward to you buying some leo too before it hits a dollar. Congratulations again my friend wow.

wow! congrats! One big jump, you don't mess around! Good to see more Orca around, hopefully I will join and the hundreds of others soon


What an excellent buy in price. Your are already up 30%!

Now that you are Hive Orca, you should make sure you vote for witnesses who are active and involved in the Hive blockchain, like me :-)

I'm the only lawyer on Hive and have been assisting the chain with many legal issues.

I also am pioneering running Hive nodes on home PCs, including Windows 10, to assist decentralisation.

See https://peakd.com/witness/@apshamilton/how-to-set-up-a-hive-witness-in-windows-10-using-wsl-2-and-docker-desktop-for-windows

I think the idea of doing professional marketing is very good, this will undoubtedly enhance Hive and all its functions.

Congratulations, champion!

Oh man! Congratulations ... I hope to reach your level soon.

gg wp

Wow! =) that pumps me, even more, to reach my goal before the end of 2020. I am at 89.722% Orca... almost there!

Wow! Congrats! That is a really great accomplishment! I would like to be to that point someday too. I have a long way to go, but I have faith I can get there. Nice job!

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Congratulations on reaching 100,000 HIVE! That's quite some achievement but you have done well to make the most of the cheap prices, I've also bought some at these levels but already reached my Hive Orca goal last month, now I'm just trying to build up some of the HIVE engine token holdings to get to similar level!

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Woah! Good on you . If a few more people do that, the price is gonna start to come back, which is hardly the main point, but could help bring some more people to the platform which would be fantastic.

I'm glad there are lots of others who believe in this place, that makes it worth believing in, especially since we have 4 years of experience under our belt and a bunch of capable people :-D

I congratulate you, I am in that I also want to invest some $$$ to have a base and be able to help other users.

My money is enough for the basics, but little by little I will invest.

If it is not yet a 100% platform and as a community you lack some details so that you are on the right path.

Of course, everything takes time and each one must contribute so that this has the results that many want.

Build and evolve.

It is the work that must be developed and over time perfecting.


@sanjeevm , Congratulations friend. I hope to hit that same number by the end of the year (*fingers crossed lol). Keep going and get to whale statuses!

@sanjeevm, First of all congratulations for achieving your Hive Goal.

Good to see that you are strengthening your Journey and believing in what you believe.

Good wishes from my side towards your future Hive Journey. Stay blessed.

Awesome move Sanjeev. Congratulation on getting the Orca level on Hive.

Wow! Quite a dip it took on Houbi! Great purchase! Welcome to the Orca club! You're really going to start having fun now! And I can't even tell you what it's going to be like once the price starts rising again!

Congrats buddy! That's HUGE!

Great to have you here

Congrats on the milestone!

Damn buddy! Thats insane :D

Nice, congrats!

Wow, that's some serious commitment to Hive! Good for you. We need more big accounts to spread the rewards. Have fun rewarding good content.



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nice move bro and an inspiring one!!

ready for the alt season I would say then!

nice! another new orca! congrats! :)

Congrats!!! What a lovely round number :)

Wow, a great one, and congratulations to you on your success, wish you the best.

We all believe in Hive although it has a lot of challenges but we are working towards making hive grow better than how it is and hoping that it will one day.

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Wow congrats man, thats brilliant way to put your faith in a project, wishing you all the best. Do you have any particular plans with your stake?

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I do manual curation. Next plan is to buy some Leo and spend some time there curating posts as well.

Congrats!! You bought the


assuming you got it at .10 or less. If you don't want huge ROI returns, it's good from that stableness at .10-.11 for years.

Hey man congrates on your stake! But have you consider what to do with that massive stake? I've invented a bot that can auto curate quality hard working author by backtracking their previous record. Once they get curated by other whales you can earn massive amount of curation rewards as well! Do delegate to @opb to find out more.

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Congrats for reach your goal 👏

Hey @sanjeevm, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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Wow, congrats! 10,000 HIVE is impressive!!!


The future is Hive.

congratulation being and Orca

Now is the time to do it. Congrats! You'll be glad you did someday.

You did it at the right time ;)
I wish I had the opportunity to buy some but unfortunately I don’t.
Same as you Hive is my main investment as time not money.
But still I’m always trying my best to grow the network.

Namaste 🙏

Good for you !!


Wow! Congratulations @sanjeevm, I hope to do more someday for Hive, it's worth it, this is truely an investment for the future.

That's incredible news! I'll get to that point someday soon :).

Good longterm position :)

congratz,to 100K

Man congrats, all the world must to know Hive, and all the valeu

Woop just an dream of mine done by you...hope so some day ill have the same amount till then congratulations for your milestone.

Congratulations! 💙💙💙

Congratulations on the power up!

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Wow that's cool bro...