Maintaining Consistency During The Downturns Is The "Secret Sauce"

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The Tortious & The Hare

Something that I have seen to be quite common, and even prevalent within the Crypto space, is the general desire to avoid “process”. Projects look to launch as quickly as possible, as investors seek out almost immediate gains. I guess it goes hand in hand with how society currently views every other aspect of life… instant gratification!

If you are one of the select few who are dedicated to daily disciplines and action within the Crypto space then you are one of those who will, in time, confound the masses. People will be looking to understand how you managed to reach the point of having such a significant portfolio, perhaps even without having much initial capital to invest.

This is the power of repetitive and ongoing dedication. The dedication to remaining active and earning on platforms such as Hive. The ongoing practice of accumulation, especially via opportunities that reward users for their time and other services. The power of dollar cost averaging, along with trading, and even passive income models.

Yes, over time, this all adds up and becomes significantly powerful, especially as these holdings are destined to be compounded by a raging bull market. Don’t underestimate the power of modest holdings being compounded by a bull market rally. Obviously, if you are a Bitcoin maxi, potential gains are limited. However, if you are earning alts via multiple avenues, your risk/reward ratio is extremely favorable.

Earning HIVE & Second Layer Tokens

One of the benefits of being actively engaged on Hive is the ability to amass free HIVE. Not only that but there are numerous second-layer tokens that community members can earn without any additional effort. Why am I so in favor of Hive? Well, the risk is basically removed which makes for a tremendous advantage.

I have seen so many posts of people losing their life savings via Celsius, LUNA, and FTX. The beauty of Hive is that it doesn’t have to cost you anything, apart from your time. You are not really going to find a better safety net than that. In essence, there is no risk if you don’t personally part with any of your capital. This is why Hive and other Crypto earning opportunities are so very powerful.

Being able to accumulate Crypto without any cost is actually the best way to gain exposure to Crypto, especially if you are a newcomer. In my opinion, newcomers should leave the trading for later and dive into Hive. They should be getting involved with the Leofinance community and looking to earn Crypto as they go about learning the ropes.

This is merely my own opinion. As I mentioned, there is no real risk, which makes this idea extremely attractive, especially for newcomers. Opportunities that carry very low risk should always be considered, as correctly utilized, they can be rather rewarding.

Final Thoughts

Bear markets are jam-packed with disaster and disappointment. However, the best way to overcome disappointment is to remain active and busy. Knowing that your commitment today will also benefit your financial future is a really great motivator. Let’s not become distracted, but keep on keeping on. See you next time!



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Oh yes we can earn more being an active fish here on Hive with time. Crypto is not a game that you have to give up easily everything have a process and time. But I believe if learning is involved earning will be made.

Thanks for sharing

You nailed it. I preach the same over and over.




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It's the best way to go about it 👌😎

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The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Things like Hive are "free" but to put real money into it? nah. I did slowly trade up from an initial $10 Splinterlands account.

As for exposure to crypto? I don't think that's needed anymore given there's better fiat opportunities.

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Hive is amazing because it’s one of the only places see time turns into crypto with our investment other than that.

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