WEB3 - A Remnant Of Satoshi's Ideology

An Inescapable End

The introduction and adoption of blockchain is an exciting development. However, as with all things, it’s not a perfect evolution. In many ways, as more and more people, companies, and entities adopt blockchain… the true essence of this idea begins to fade. Had the development of the Crypto space over the past 14 years remained well within Satoshi’s ideals, many casualties would have been avoided.

The irony of Gensler and the SEC focusing on DeFi, while centralized entities became the ruin of many, is saddening, to say the least. Satoshi’s stance on self-custody and anonymity ultimately preserves the integrity that undergirds the “idea” and motivation behind this technology. However, there is always the desire and need for “growth”. This will inevitably produce a level of compromise.

In life and business, there are healthy and acceptable compromises, and then there are those which extend beyond the borders of conscience and common sense. These lines and borders will in many ways become somewhat blurred as time and adoption continue. Essentially, true WEB3 technology holds fast to many of Satoshi’s ideals, and very much acts as an independent expression, and power operating on the blockchain.

Maintaining The Aspect Of True Decentralization

Individuals who continue to act, operate, and engage on legacy-based platforms when there are WEB3 alternatives available with even more additional benefits on offer are missing the woods for the trees. Perhaps, in many cases, not much thought is given to the underlying protocol or expression. However, this is exactly what needs to be considered. Decentralized “movements” favor you, the user!

Where we need to see real adoption is within the WEB3 world. It is actually rather clear how many who speak out against the “brainwashing” of the MSM and other avenues, are very much themselves being “levered”. How do you continue utilizing WEB2 and legacy-based models when there are more superior alternatives? Individuals who know better should be acting better. This is a much-needed shift.

A shift that truly decentralized models and WEB3 are waiting upon. Don’t complain about restrictions and a loss of true ownership, relocate your activities. WBB3 is a remnant of Satoshi’s ideology. The advantages and benefits it offers will become even more attractive with time, which is why I battle to understand why so many are still so slow to make the move. I guess I could say the same thing about Bitcoin.

When I looked at Bitcoin eight years ago, it soon became obvious to me that this was the next step in the progression of money, as well as other areas associated with money. However, it has taken quite some time for a significant amount of realization to occur, and even still there is a way to go. A truly decentralized WEB3 protocol is probably the most advantageous expression of blockchain technology there is when it comes to the everyday man on the street.

We Create What We Envision

WEB3 enables the creation and development of ideas outside of suffocating systems and overreach. Essentially, it provides the building blocks for what we value and see as important, as a society, or a select group of individuals. It empowers creative freedom, as well as operational freedom. Perhaps, more needs to be done in terms of educating the masses. Many of the current Crypto investors are unaware of fundamental differences.

For many of them, Crypto is Crypto. Decentralization is not understood, even the idea of a public blockchain versus a private blockchain is an alien thought, and therefore not understood. Preservation, education, and the adoption of WEB3 are key areas that require our attention and effort. Over time, the light comes on, and we get to see the world we already envision.

Final Thoughts

I find the aspects of WEB3 and tokenization to be the most promising expressions of Crypto, at least in the next 5 to 10 years. There might be significant gains on offer, in relation to AI and other areas. However, these expressions are more prone to controlling agendas, whereas WEB3, ultimately promotes freedom. I guess everyone has their own view, and that’s fine. However, we need to ascertain what really aids and serves mankind the most.

This is an important question, and in my view, the answer is WEB3… at least for now, anyway. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time!

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Web3 wouldn't be here were it not for Web1 and Web2. It's not a separate technology. You can't just jump off of Web2 and into Web3 because there is truly no native Web3 application. Even Hive sits on top of the building blocks of Web0 technology. Browse the internet for long and you'll still find static websites without any means of interaction (Web1). Most people creating content on Web3, if they're trying to sell something or monetize that content, are developing audiences on Web2 platforms so they can have an audience to market their content to. Until Web3 arrives in its fullest, most perfect form, a presence in Web2 is still necessary for most of us.

Hi Allen! For many, WEB3 is simply social media applications. However, DeFi is an expression of WEB3 and is itself rather varied in what it has to offer in terms of DEXs, non-custodial investment products and other staking services. The argument that one cannot escape to WEB3 is a rather fruitless argument... it's like earth. We only have the earth to build homes on, but we can choose to build on the ROCK, or on the sand. Likewise, we only have one base layer, the internet... but then we need to choose the best terrain that exists within it to build upon. WEB3 is a superior means of operating. Why would someone put their assets on a CEX to earn yield when they can utilize a DeFi/WEB3 protocol and maintain their private keys? The aspect of "transitioning" to WEB3 is something I understand and have addressed in numerous articles. As I have previously mentioned, the smart WEB2 creators are simultaneously building on WEB3. Why? Because it's obvious. All the best, I enjoy your content... keep pushing it out!🤜💥🤛

Amazing post.

Of recent, i started taking few courses online, reading pdfs to know and understand how the blockchain works.
Satoshi being the brain source of all this, has done well by giving us true transparency of a financial economy.
People can now make money by using a web3 product.

One of the most crazy part i would love to get inform is the web3 gaming. Just imagine playing games to earn NFT or Tokens.

Indeed, web3 is the future and the future is now.