Hive Breakout, Finally?!?

in LeoFinance3 months ago

The price of the hive token has been stuck in a trading range for 9 months. The topside of that range is around 40 cents.

Break baby break....

With the recent moves in bitcoin one would hive will enjoy some of that positive momentum. This has come to be with price up from 30 cents over the past month and touching 40 as I type.

Looking at the daily chart above you can see price is pushing through the resistance from the nine month range.

There are some intraday highs to 40 cents, but for the most post the resistance lays at 39 cents.

As of this moment is looks like we have a price breakout on HIVE. Establishing and staying above 40 cents is the key to any kind of sustained move.

The next upside target would be 50 cents from what I'm seeing on the chart.

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It's about time... Looks like the everything season is here and it will be over sooner than many are expecting that to happen.

The speed with which HIVE got to $0.40 assumes that the beakout you reported arrives. Below is the graph taken from Coinmarketcap