Hive is #288 on CoinMarketCap, UGH

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It still amazes me after all these years (though it also doesn't amaze me) that the HIVE blockchain, given all its positive attributes as a blockchain sits not only outside the top 100 market cap of coins, but barely in the top 300.

Am I the sucker?

There is a saying in poker.....

  • If you can't spot the sucker at the table within the first 30 minutes, than the sucker is you.

Sometimes, when it comes to crypto I feel like the sucker for being ride of die with hive since inception.

Think about all the coins that grew and gained traction over those years, while hive has generally muddle along with little growth in adoption.

Love me the Dapps

Yes, some awesome dapps have been built on the blockchain along with some promising news ones. There is and always has been a lot of promise, but damn, it has not materialized from an investment standpoint.

This is an investment based post

If you hadn't noticed, this expression if you will, is soley based on price appreciation of the token (with adoption as a second) and the reality is it just hasn't been a very good bet relative to so many other alts.

We continue to push forward

Its exciting that the price of HIVE is pushing above the 40 cent resistance and I don't have any plans to abandon this chain after all these years - I still enjoy posting and will continue to do so through HIVE dapps, such as INLEO and PEAKD

Like I said though, purely investment related. Not one of my best plays over the years.

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I feel confident that it will be. A few more projects will sew the value in using the HIVE blockchain in the backend and HIVE OGs will be rewarded handsomely for diamond handing.


I Don't know. Might be this bull run, might be longer.

In the meantime, I'll continue to make videos about one of the biggest use cases I've found for HIVE, which is paying Lightning invoices with v4v.

Watching other crypto moon is frustrating for sure. Hope HIVE gets its day in the sun eventually. 😢

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