The Very First WLEO/USD Intraday Analysis Post in HISTORY! We Already Have a Support Level!!!

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This is exciting for the entire community and myself as well. Seeing WLEO in USD terms and on an intraday chart!

It's just a fantasy, but it is the real thing!

Just a couple months ago the idea of seeing LEO on a tradingview chart was a dream.

  • Then WLEO Launched
  • Then WLEO got listed on Coingecko
  • Then WLEO showed up on the tradingview feed

Now here we are looking at are very first intraday chart of WLEO in USD!

How this happen:

  • WLEO/WETH is available on tradingview
  • You take WLEO/WETH*ETHUSD which equals WLEO/USD

One missing ingredient though....

Intraday timeframes on formula driven charts, such as the equation above, require a certain subscription service.

The Cat decided to level up and pay for the service because intraday WLEO charts are too good to pass up!

Especially considering how short the trading history is. Deriving much from the daily chart is difficult so we need to zoom in a bit. The next normal level to do that is the 4 hour chart and by leo god, what do we have!?!

WLEO/USD - The very First Support Level Is.....


It is official! 21 cents USD is WLEO's very first support level!

If we want to be completely technical it is 21.1 cents, but as you can see looking at this 4 hour there is a clear pivot point bottom on November 20th which then got tested on an intraday spike on the 26th.

That was followed by a light test the following day of the 27th.

Price then rebounded with the rest of crypto and is currently finding its way.

Initial Price Range for WLEO/USD

Just a couple weeks into trading, the upside and downside price range for WLEO are 25 cents and 21 cents, respectively.

This is marked by the first true support level and the all time high peak set back on the 24th.

This is all very early charting and price action. As weeks go by and we can look at both the 4 hour chart and the daily a better view point can be had.

For now, lets watch price do its thing for a bit and see what pivot points at what prices occur within this range, while we wait for the upside breakout many of us are confident will occur.

Exciting times my fellow Lions!

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I wasn't using a chart but I noticed that both wLEO and LEO kept that support when BTC & ETH kept falling. Pretty impressive buy action to hold that support. There's nearly three grand in trading volume for LEO in the past 24 hours. Didn't check the LP. 👍

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Yes, price trading rather encouraging. Interested to see how this coming week plays out!

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support levels are so sexy

Indeed they are!

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After observing the price over the weeks, I was expecting something little above 20 cents. Thank you for the analysis and confirmation.

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Reverse head and shoulders bottom? Bullish if true

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Sheeet, if anything I kind of see a regular H&S pattern almost formed. Yikes lol

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I need to buy some $wLEO and provide liquidity

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Leo to The moon favicon.ico

Leo will grow exponentially much faster than I did and that Steem, because now is on an excellent path.

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So much better than Steem!

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Looks like another test incoming!

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Getting a push higher today, looking better now :-)

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I noticed, the first page of my blockolio is all green - BTC, WLEO, ETH, LTC (need to sort that one out!) all green, there's only one red coin in there, no prizes for guessing what that is!

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We all know what coin it is lol

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How can you get WLEO/USDT pair? I only get WLEO/WEHT on UNISWAP. Thank you

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I listed the details in the first half of the post. You cannot get it in uniswap, have to go to travingview and put in the formula shown above.

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this is amazing and its going more amazing

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Very clear & up to date analysis 👍
Thanks for the update.
Keep it up

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Road to moon. The only thing I regret about how things are happening is not starting earlier on Leo. I've been trading Hive and Leo back and forth but now I'm convinced of staking them. This is good news indeed.

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