Uhm, Someone tell Facebook Threads is Taken!

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Meta aka Facebook apparently doesn't have enough social media apps already so are looking to create a twitter like competitor.

There are so names being bandied about, with the project being called Project 92 while in early production.


Looking at the screen shot I took from a basic search you will see that a name they are considering calling the app is THREADS!

Well, well well....this could get interesting. It got me thinking about it and as much as we call threads, threads on leofinance - that name really isn't associated with leofinance in any official capacity that I know of.

Like if Meta buys the threads.com domain and markets and launches as threads then that will be what threads is know as.

Pretty interesting occurrence.

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Khal would surely have a legal play there.

LeoFinance has the branding Threads in every video and piece of content for ages.

Facebook would settle for something that's nothing to them and ridiculous to Khal.

Payout used to buy/burn LEO.

LEO goes to $1000 😂.

Wasn't there another name FB stole from a different company a few years ago? I remember there was a lawsuit but I don't remember the result.

There were a couple (at least) over Meta.



They basically tried to bully both. Dont know the final outcomes, but I presume facebook (I mean Meta) didn't lose. Don't know if they "won" either :-)

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Yes, please this! WEN MOON

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You know whats funny is that leofinance could sue facebook, but facebook can not sue HIVE!

So many possibilities here :-)

I wonder how much it would cost to get threads.com...seems to be listed as unavailable on godaddy (of course they would be happy to try and get it for you with their brokerage service - - 69.99).

Don't sue them. They might never use it. If they do however, just wage guerilla warfare from the woods until they pay you to stop :-)

I may have another idea that is consistent with Web 3.0. Gotta mull that one over for a bit.

All in all, if they go with threads and steamroll us, all may not be lost. No such thing as bad publicity ;-)

In their world, the name is not taken unless there is a trademark on it.