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Welcome Everyone

Hello everyone in the Splinterlands, we just have our end of season chests few days ago and I hope all of you with best luck with your chests. And here comes the new season to farm those sweet chests to gather the Reward SB cards and SPS. Hope you all are enjoying the battles in Splinterlands and had great time in chest openings. And today I would like to share a battle and my reflection

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The Battle Rules


39 Mana Cost
Ferocity: All monsters have the fury ability.
Up to eleven: All monsters have the amplify ability.

My Team


Please refer to the Battle Link here.

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The Lineup Analysis



The Quix could be the best option since I want to use DJINN CHWALA in the battle to utilize the amplify rule set with Thorns. So that I pick Quix as my choice, also the -1 range attack is good to nerf my enemy.

Front Row


The DJINN CHWALA would be a good fit front monster with Thorns ability to protect my backline Monsters under the Amplify ruleset. It does 1 more Melee damage back to the melee attacker compare to normal case. So that it could be a good tank to sit in front.



I thought the CARNAGE TITAN could be useful to sit as my second tank since the reach ability allows it to attack even if not in the first place. Moreover, the double strike is also useful to eliminate the enemy.



The VRUZ is also a good Monster with sneak ability to fulfill my daily focus tasks while costing only 2 mana with high speed. The key level of VRUZ would be level 5 as the Martyr could be powerful in some cases since the Martyr ability to buff my rest monsters.



The SERPENTINE SPY is a good fire tank that with high attach and high speed. The only short fall of this monster is that the low HP. The suggest level of SERPENTINE SPY is level 8 or 10 to strengthen the damage in battle.



The FLAME MONKEY is a good monster when you only have 1 mana left. It is a good support in battle to repair the shield of your front tank to increase the survivability. The suggest level is 5 since the key value of this monster is the repair ability.



The TINDERLOCK could be a good fit for your last slot due to the last stance and close range ability. It could be powerful when it becomes the only monster in your team. Besides, the health of this monster is also decent to protect my backline enemy under sneak attack for a few rounds.

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Battle Result


I just had a valuable lesson against my enemy under the Amplify rule set. The biggest mistake is that I forgot the Reflection Shield ability could immune reflection damage. Which means I should go for water element to increase my win rate.

Although it was a lose for me, I still learn from this battle to avoid the same mistake in the future. I used too many melee monster which exactly suffer from the DJINN CHWALA of my enemy.

It was a pity to lose the match, but anyways, learn from failure is also an example for me so that I would like to share this battle to all of you. Sometime we fall, but we should get up and move on again. Cheers Hivers.

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Once again, thank you for sparing time to read my Blog and have fun!


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