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RE: OFFICIAL WINNERS LIST FOR #HivePUD (Hive Power Up Day) April 1st, 2021

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Another super HIVE Power Up Day. LEO Power delegations have been sent to:   @an-man, @harpreetjanda, and @imtase accounts. Great job!

Hopefully, these delegations will be helpful in filling your LEO token bags by curating Leo Finance posts! Congratulations!


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You are more than welcome! 👍

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Thanks so much for the delegation.....although i am not sure how to use it properly or find where it is in Hive Engine Wallet.

You can use it to curate posts tagged LEO Finance. You can just look at posts:

Whichever is your favorite way to interact with HIVE. Then you can pick the posts that interest you and earn LEO Tokens by curating (voting on people's posts). Then you can trade your earned LEO tokens for HIVE or HIVE tokens you would like.


LEO tokens have traditionally outperformed HIVE price for some time now. Most folks are very generous with their LEO votes on comments as well. So if you would want to get more $HIVE you could do it this way or just hang on to the LEO tokens. If you look on hive-engine you will see that most folks hang on to their LEO.

Delegations are a loan of coin or token stake/power. It helps you have a better vote on posts. In this instance it would be for posts of the @leofinance community or posts using that tag. Your LEO power will influence the portion of the rewards you earn for curating a particular post.

Since all posts rewarding LEO tokens have 50% percent go to the author and 50% go to the curators, your LEO power (delegation) will decide how much of the curator reward you will receive on the post payout date. You can vote when ever you like within the 7 day period. Does not effect the percentage.

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Thanks for the response and information. Ill have to get more familiar with using Leo and diving into the posts there. Thanks for the Delegations.

Thanks a lot for the delegation. This will inspire be spend more time on LEO finance and curate posts there.

!GIPHY you rock

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