Cubfinance Tip: Adding bHive to your Metamask wallet and Pancakeswap Token List

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How to find token contract address for Cubfinance b-Hive

  • If your are excited by the long awaited debut of PolyCub features on Cubfinance, you are probably very excited about depositing liquidity into the bHive-Cub pool as it has the highest APR right now and Hive is bullish right now.
  • I remember reading the contract address of bHive a few weeks ago, but recently I wanted to add Cub and Hive to this pool, and I couldn't find the address.
  • I searched Leofinance and Hive, but I had no luck.
  • I went to Cubfinance and clicked Contracts, but there was no information.
  • I went to discord and asked there, but came back a few hours later and my comment had disappearred into the sea of comments with no reply.
  • I placed a ticket and waited. But then I had an idea! I went to Cubfinance and found the link for Get bHive-Cub LP tokens and clicked on it.
  • This brings you to the Add Liquidity page in PanCake swap, and if you type 1000 in the add Cub box and click add, it will give you a message that you don't have enough BNB Smart Chain Hive for the LP pair. And it asks you do you want to convert come of your Cub to BNB Smart Chain Hive?
  • So at this point your realize that BNB Smart Chain Hive is the official Binance Smart Chain name for bHive.
  • If you click yes, the PanCakeSwap Add Liquidity smart contract will convert half of your 1000 Cub, or roughly 500 Cub into BNB Smart Chain Hive. Which is bHive.

Now to get the contract address

  • Once the transaction goes through you can go into the Blockchain explorer for your Metamask wallet and find the transaction.
  • Then click Transaction Hash and it will show you the two tokens you added to the Liquidity Pair: Cub and BNB Smart Chain Hive.
  • If you click on the name BNB Smart Chain Hive it will show you the contract address.
  • You can copy this to your clipboard by hoovering your cursor to the right of the end of the contract address string, and a copy symbol box will appear.
  • You click that box to copy the address of BNB Smart Chain Hive, or bHive to your clipboard.

Add it to your PanCakeswap Token List

  • You can then go to Token management of Pancakeswap and add the token by pasting this address into the 00x00000 box which appears when you do token management and choose add token.
  • Then it will ask you if you want to add BNB Smart Chain Hive.Click yes and your done.
  • Now you have it in Panackeswap on your computer.

Add it to your Metamask

  • Next go to your Metamask and choose assets and scroll to the bottom, select add token at the bottom.
  • When the Add Token window opens you paste the contract address into the token contract box and it will autofill or autopopulate the other boxes including the name.
  • At this point you will get an error mesage that the name is to long.
  • But the word Edit is to the right and above the name box. - You can click the word Edit, and now you can shorten the name to bHive.
  • Click save and you are done.
  • Now bHive is added to your Metamask and your Pancakeswap list of tokens.
  • You may want to paste the bHive contract address into a note on your computer.
  • Note that you can't change the Token name in PanCakeSwap, so you will just have to remember that BNB Smart Chain Hive is bHive.
  • It is unlikely that you will forget after doing these steps, but you never know. :)




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Sometimes I find myself thinking that it's little wonder the yields on some of these are so high, given the intricate number of steps and bits and pieces you need to track in order to invest. Definitely NOT for the "log in with Facebook" crowd!

Thanks for providing this, though... I have always liked how your instructional posts are "for consumption by regular folks."


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I agree.
It’s complicated to participate in DeFi, lots of steps and small details to learn or pay attention to, or there is potential for loss at multiple points. So the APR is reimbursement for the difficulties and risk.

I am glad you find my posts helpful, I think that’s a big part of the value of the community here.

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This is very useful information!

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Everyday you are dropping little pearls of knowledge and I appreciate you.

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