EasyDeFi Investors will get their Polygon Cub Airdrop

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Polygon Airdrop


Leofinance creator @khaleelkazi announced details of Leofinance Yield Farm on Polygon.

  • Some of you read this post or heard about the airdrop during the AMA.
  • Ifyou want the details, Read it Here


  • I am writing this short post to let you know that I will distribute the airdropped Polygon Cub to EasyDeFi investors according to your stake.
  • So you each will get your Cub Polygon Airdrop.

Second;The details of how much Cub you have.

  • Your Leo was traded for Cub and BUSD, and deposited in the Cub-BUSD Liquidity Poolin equal dollar amounts.
  • ‘So for each investor; one half of your Leo was spent for Cub, and one half spent for BUSD. - So that’s roughly how much Cub each of you has in the Pool.
  • Total in the Pool: 3899.75 CUB / 2555.14 BUSD
  • Your amount of Cub equals your decimal equivalent of your stake times the total number of Cub is how much Cub is held in your name.
  • The details of the airdrop from the Leofinance post are: POLYCUB will be airdropped to anyone staking CUB:
    The rough figures are at least 0.15+ POLYCUB per 1 CUB staked with snapshots taken daily for the 60 day period. For example, if you have 1,000 CUB in the Kingdom you'll get ~150 POLYCUB airdropped daily over 60 days to your Polygon address (~2.5 POLYCUB per day).
  • So we have 3899.75 Cub, or 3.8995 x the above example
  • 3.8995 x 2.5 = 9.74875 Cub per day will be airdropped to our Metamask wallet.
  • the air drop lasts 60 day, so 9.74875 x 60 = 584.925 total Cub air dropped to the wallet over 60 days.
  • 584.925- 10% = 526.4325
  • You can determine how much PolyCub you will get by multiplying 526.4325 x you stake weight in the pool.
  • I have calculated below how much total cub each of you should get at the end of sixty days:
  • @joefinance 2350/18417 = 0.1276 x 526.4325 = 67.172787
    @mephistophenes 4000/18417 = 0.217 x 526.4325 = 114.235852
    @quinnertronics 525/18417 = 0.0285 x 526.4325 = 15.0033262
    @lalai 425/18417 = 0.0231 x 526.4325 = 12.1605908
    @shortshots 1900/18417 = 0.103 x 526.4325 = 54.22225475
    @spinvest 1000/18417 = 0.0543 x 526.4325 = 28.5852848
    @xabi 250/18417 = 0.01357 x 526.4325 = 7.14368224
    @smallbites 2040/18417 = 0.111 x 526.4325 = 58.434
    @marshmellowman 1000/18417 = 0.0543 x 526.4325 = 28.585284
    @rihc94 1327/18417 = 0.072 x 526.4325 = 37.90314
    @d-company 2000/18417 = 0.1086 x 526.4325 = 57.1705695
    @mistakili 100/18417 = 0.00543 x 526.4325 = 2.85852848
    @tandara 1500/18417 = 0.08145 x 526.4325 = 42.8779271

These numbers are subject to change, if the rules of the air drop change.

Third, it’s Polygon Cub

  • So it won’t be airdropped to Hive wallets or Binance wallets, it will be airdropped to Polygon wallets, in Metamask.

Fourth, details about wallets

  • I will create a Polygon instance for the EasyDeFi Metamask wallet.

Fifth, it’s a Polygon Token.

  • It is important to realize that Cub is a Binance Smart Chain specific token, while Polygon Cub is a Polygon Specific Token.
  • I can’t send a Polygon token to your Hive wallet.

Sixth, there are a number of options:

One: Sell the airdrop.

  • If the group wants to sell the drop, I can find a bridge and move it from Polygon to Binance.
  • Then through a series of trades, I can convert it to Leo and deposit it into your Leofinance wallet.
  • There will be loss of value moving it cross Blockchains, I will research how much.

Two: Recreate the EasyDeFi pool on Polygon and withdrawal earnings weekly

  • I can recreate the pool on the Polygon side.
  • However only half your position on the Binance Cubfinance is Cub, the other half is BUSD.
  • So you start with 1/2 as much capitol, and so your yields would be 1/2 what they are now, or less depending on what the APR is in the new project.
  • Withdrawal earnings weekly, but you must understand that the Polygon Cub project penalizes weekly withdraws with a 50% penalty during what’s called the Lock up Period.
    So you lose one half your earnings.

Recreate the EasyDeFi pool on Polygon side and leave earnings along until Penalty period for withdrawals ends.

  • The pool could wait for first non-penalized withdrawal opportunity, withdrawal the earnings, move it across bridge, trade it for Leo and distribute profits.
  • This could prove to be a winner, if the project is very successful. Or this could be a bad choice, it the token price drops during the holding period.

There may be other choices, in time.

  • I will study the logistics and expense of each choice, and we can discus this more.
  • So let me know in the comments, what you want to do.
  • I will study the logistics and expense of each choice, and we can discus this more.

The end…for now.

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Hi @shortsegments
I think that it's great that you publish this post right away after the Cub airdrop announcement, so your investors know what to expect with regard to the Cub airdrop. They are in a vulnerable position not having the Cub in their name, but your article helps reassure them that you will be fair and distribute the rewards of holding Cub to your investors. I think that action goes a long way towards reassuring them that you are in this business of providing services for the longterm. I may invest in your project now, because I think honesty and transparency should be rewarded.

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Hi @defigeek
Thank you for your kind words.
I am not a big company, but I try to provide good service and to reassure my investors that I am always going to give them their earnings and any rewards generated by their investments. I don't like it when big exchanges keep the airdrop rewards for depositors, I think thats unfair. So I wanted to state it right away that my investors will get their airdrops.

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yeah, seems like there are some options here. since it is "free" money, it would be nice to utilize it in the most profitable way...which, of course we dont have a magic ball to predict.

perhaps we could consider cashing out SOME of the coins, say 50 or 25% (or whatever) so we could have short term gains , but still leave some (or most)in so we dont miss out on a potential opportunity?

just an idea, i like hearing what others think!

I would prefer to change all the PolyCub to Cub, move it to the EasyDefi pool on Binance and forget about Polygon. Much easier without having to change PolyCub for Hive myself from Metamask, which by the way I don't know how to do it. After all, the money we could earn on Polygon with our little airdropped PolyCub is not going to be so great anyway, and could be earned as easily with Cub on Binance without additional risk.

Hi @mephistophenes
Your point is well made. The Cub airdrop is based on Cub in the pool, so your PolyCub share will be smaller than your Cub. You are also right that in defi there are no guarantees. While a new project could do well, it also could fall flat. Plus this new yield-farm is much different from Cubfinance and there are penalties for a withdrawal from the pool before the lock-n period ends, 50%. This will mean your earnings are reduced by 50% by the airdrop parameters and then by another 50% due to withdrawal penalties. Truly 25% return of an unknown APR at this time. It would truly seem that a bird in the hand is better then an unknown number of birds in the bush.

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Thea know you for commenting. It’s important that I know what the community wants to do.

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Yes, 😃that would be an option, which would yield some nice reward to investors right away, and the portion left on Polygon would be like a free "moon bag", waiting to see if it moons. Thank you for commenting.

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Thank you very much for such a detailed explanation!

Lets wait to see the logistics and expense of each choice, but for the time being I don't like the 50% weekly withdrawals penalty nor having to wait for the penalty period for withdrawals to end. The PolyCub DeFi is designed to encourage people to keep all the investments in the pools, so the EasyDefi weekly withdrawal approach doesn't really work. Therefore, would it be possible to change the airdropped PolyCub for Cub and add it to the EasyDefi pool on Binance? That would be a third option.

You are welcome.
Yes, that is possible and a good option which would increase the weekly earnings of all investors.
Thank you for commenting.

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Thanks for the explanation and I really appreciate being able to participate in defi through easydefi. I am excited about the airdrop, Part of me wants to sell it all for cub! Part of me wants to put half into the polygon defi project and let it grow there. those are my desires for now.

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I like your option 2 B approach. Take the air drop into a pool on Cub side Defi pool and let it ride. Do not incur penalties for exiting but be aware of exit options as they evolve. Weekly posts that show the Leo Defi as well as the Cub Defi, which might attract a different group of investments.
ICOs tend to tank from what i have seen...Defi might mitigate that given the weigh component.
Thanks for being diligent in this area and laying out the options. Could those who want out get cashed out and other ride on? Would like to hear what else you find evolving on the topic and which pools you have short listed.

Thank you for your comment.

Yes, it is an option to not deposit the air drop on the polygon project, and avoid the 50% penalty.

Yes, I can sell the Polycub on the Polygon side, and move the sale proceeds to the Binance side.
Those proceeds could be deposited in Cubfinance, increasing the stake for investors on the Cub side, and increasing their weekly earnings.

Yes, the Polycub could also be sold on the Polygon side, the sale proceeds could be moved to Binance, converted to Leo and paid out to investors as a one time extra earnings amount.

Thank you for commenting and making your thoughts known about the disposition of your air drop tokens.

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Very detailed information, very useful