It’s the Chinese New Year and the year of the Tiger.

So of course I am expecting big things from Leofinance!


It’s the year of a Big Cat called a Tiger and I feel like some of that positive energy will help out the other Big Cat, the Leofinance Lion.


This person on Instagram caught my eye with their cute pictures of Chinese New Year celebrations today.

  • The first picture is traditional red clothing, the good luck and good fortune color in Chinese Culture. It’s the color of prosperity.


  • This second picture is Dragons, powerful creatures also associated with Chinese New Year Celebrations, and powerful symbols to chase out the bad things and welcome the good things into the New Year!


  • The third picture below is of course my picture of the Virtual Leofinance Lion


Leofinance has always referred to itself as the Lions.


Including a few funny memes




And Cool Colorful Drawings


  • And of course my Avatar for many months…


Leofinance the land of WEN and SOON.

@khaleelkazi is like the famous Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel when it comes to projects on Leofinance. They will be done when they are the best offering the team can present to the world.

The Year of the Tiger is expected to have many spectacular offerings.

  • PolyCub on Polygon


  • Project Blank the short form content Twitter Replacement on a blockchain

  • The third ICO

  • Mobile to Desk user interface transition

  • Leofinance Mobile Application

  • Mass Adoption of Leofinance as a Financial Blogging platform as mass adoption occurs on Hive Social Media platform.


  • As you can see there are many exciting things happening here on Leofinance to make us all excited about the new year. Indeed all these developments make me think it is the year of the Lion.


GIF created by @mariosfame

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It's sure going to be a great year for LEOFINANCE looking at the many unique developments and projects waiting to be launched. Personally, I'm waiting for ProjectBlank because it's going to be the game-changer.

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I agree, that many of the projects are great for those capable of navigating crypto complexities, but Project Bank will open the door to crypto Newbies and Twitter affictiondos alike, with a crowd rushing through the door.

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ProjectBlank will be a gateway for crypto Twitter to join Hive.

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Happy Lunar New Year!
Wish you and your beloved one a full year of health, wealth and prosperity in life.

Thank you for the well wishes, I wish you and your family good health and prosperity as well.

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Fingers crossed. It'll be a good year

Yes, fingers and toes!

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Hi @shortsegments
A funny and hopeful post for sure!
I love your enthusiasm for Leofinance!
Thank you for EasyDeFi, my investment there has provided excellent returns.

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Thank you for the compliment.
I am glad you are happy with your returns on EasyDeFi.
Happy Chinese New Year to you!

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