Leo Power Up Day

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A New Contest to encourage Hive Community Members to Power-Up or Stake Leo, the token of the Leofinance Community.


Hive Community: Social Media on a blockchain.


If your new here, this may be a bit confusing, but Hive, like Facebook or Instagram, is a Social Media Community, and you find it on the internet, at https://hive.blog/, but it’s built on the Hive blockchain. And in contrast to Facebook or Instagram it allows Content Creators to own their accounts, own their content and own the list of fans, patrons and other supporters of content creators, which are collectively known as a content creators network. Hive is a pioneer in Web 3.0.


Hive Sub-groups or Communities.


The Hive Community has a unique structure which allows you to post all your content to your Blog Feed, which is comparable to your wall on Facebook, or your Mainfeed on Instagram or TikTok.
But in addition Hive has Communities, similar to other various named Subgrouos on other platforms like Facebook and Reddit, which are focused on specific types of content like photography, cat photos or as in the case of Leofinance; Finance Topics.

Hive Sub-group or Community Cryptocurrency Tokens

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The Hive Communities can also mint their own community cryptocurrency token, which means content creators can earn both the Hive cryptocurrency token for their content, and the special community cryptocurrency token, which in the case of Leofinance, is the token called Leo.

Double your pay or earnings potential

This creates a situation where content creators post their content on the Hive Subgroup, or Community Page, and this content also shows up on their Hive Blog. This means the content creator may earn both Hive and Leo cryptocurrency tokens. It’s a situation similar to being able to earn both European Euros and British Pounds for your posts, because your post shows up in both the European or general feed, plus the Sub-group feed for the United Kingdom.

Leo Power Up Day

This is a promotion by members of the Hive Community Subgroup Leofinance to promote the purchase of their Subgroup token Leo, and the staking or Powering up of the token, which makes you eligible for greater token rewards on your content, and prizes on Leo Power Up Day, which occurs every 15th of the month.
For further details read this post by @leogrowth .

Thank you to the following Hive Community Members for supporting this promotion of Leofinance and Hive!




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This brief post captures so much understanding, in so few words, I feel like I better understand how Hive works and not only how Leofinance fits in, but how Hive fits into a world which contains Facebook. Nice explanation.

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Thank you, I am happy you feel that way.

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Thanks also for the reblog!

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I will definitely take part and I hope to see a lot of people participate.

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Me too!
I am also happy they removed the Reputation and Leopower Cap for the first one.

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The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people(@shortsegments) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

Thank you POSH Token!

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