Living in the world of decentralized finance is like growing up again.

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Be careful what you ask for, lest your dreams become reality.

Decentralization comes with responsibility.

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When I was a child, I thought as a child, and I played childish games.


Now that I am an adult I play adult games, where the rules are more complex and the consequences more serious.


I have studied Decentralization for four long years, and the more I learn, the more sober I feel.

When I first learned of cryptocurrency and the blockchain, I was gripped by a form of drunken exuberance, not unlike actual alcohol intoxication.

But the reality of decentralization has sobered me up, in many ways, and thus I will share a revelation it took me years to reach: ..centralized systems like our current banking system are very restrictive, and treat us at times like children, but the safety of the banking system as a parent is one of the biggest things we will miss, when we enter the world of decentralized finance.

I have learned that we can be ignorant of the underpinnings and inner workings of the traditional banking system for a lifetime, and the system encourages such ignorant bliss.

But ignorance is a crime in the decentralized finance world, and the penalty or consequence of such ignorance can be poverty and grief.

So I submit to you this summary of decentralization.

It brings freedom and independence to those with the discipline and motivation to learn it’s rules and follow proper safety precautions.

But it brings freedom in equal measure to loss of support.

There is very little coddling of the ignorant or lazy in the world of decentralization. You are a true virtual pioneer.

You must learn to plant, harvest and store your food, as well as defend your assets from loss, in a virtual wild, wild west, full of bandits and robbers, who prey on the weak, ignorant or inattentive.

A moment of weakness or inattentiveness can lead to a week of sorrow.

So I say to you, be careful and understand the consequences of the freedom which you seek.

Being an adult is wonderful, as long as your parents prepared you for it, and you are motivated, disciplined and attentive.

But an unprepared investor in the world of decentralization, is like a child lost in the city. Many there be, who will harm and take advantage of thee.

You will then long for the restricted safety of childhood, and find yourself crying in the night, like a child who ran away from home.


Penned with my hand, while watching the sunset over the mountains…


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Oh boy, you said what I have been thinking ever since I joined this community. I feel so much better now. I thought it was just me.

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Your welcome. I think that as we engage with each other here, we will find we are more alike then different. :)

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That is a great way in putting it.

We are all still learning as we go.

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Thank you, and indeed we are.

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I still think decentralization is still a ways off. Even in places like Hive, there are way too many centralized projects. Things have changed and I do believe the future is a decentralized one.

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True. We have created decentralized blockchains, but built centralized applications on top of them.

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Right now it takes to much coding skill to perform cross blockchain value transfers, so the majority of us have to trust centralized solutions.

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Lol interesting way to wrap it around a child - -adulthood analogy

Now that I am an adult I play adult games

Like xxx games? Lol joking.

I Enjoyed reading the post

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I am glad you enjoyed the post!


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Great analogy! Freedom comes with a price.

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Very wise words on DeFi. For those inclined to study and understand, it's holds a lot of power and potential. Great post @shortsegments

Indeed true @nthtv
We must study and understand

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