Open the doorway to the future of tokenized social media with Leo Threads & Leo Tok

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Leofinance debuted a Tokenized Twitter on a blockchain called Threads..

.. have we opened a doorway allowing us a glimpse of the future of social media?

.. a tokenized future?


Leo Threads instead of Twitter #khaleelkazi

  • LeoThreads features short form content and it looks like a real life Tokenized Twitter including a 240 character limit.
  • And same tagging convention; #khaleelkazi
  • It looks a lot like Twitter, only you get paid! His idea #khaleelkazi
  • This is what Twitters creator said he would build, but didn’t or since he still lives, hasn’t. But someone did #khaleelkazi
  • Leofinance released Threads as the Beta, or a work in progress a week ago.
  • Khal’s new catch phrase; move fast and break things! #khaleelkazi @khaleelkazi
  • Well the Leo faithful have responded with hundreds of threads per day.
  • I am experimenting with the Medium with pictures and markdown.. it’s fun.
  • I have around 200 Threads, and I am pushing my No Loss Lottery pretty hard to see if this is an advertising medium.

LeoTok instead of TikTok

  • Yes you read that right, rumors are circulating that next up is a tokenized Tik Tok replacement. Really? #khaleelkazi
  • Crazy innovation right? #khaleelkazi
  • TikTok took the world by Storm, breaking user records monthly to establish itself as one of the top short video social media platforms on the planet.
  • ‘Rumors suggest Leo Tok, the tokenized version of TikTok on the blockchain is the next surprise release. #khaleelkazi

The Future?

  • It’s starting to look like Leofinance is giving us a look into the future of social media with short form writing, short form videos, upvotes worth crypto, and crypto worth money
  • .. a glimpse into the future with tokenized social media.




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This would be pretty freaking awesome if LeoTok became a thing.

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I don’t know if it is a wish or the real deal, but I am running with the idea!

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I love that catch phrase from Khal. Leofinance is really exploring the edge with it's rapid growth and developments. I think LeoTok will burst the door open to the future of social media.

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I think LeoTok will burst the door open to the future of social media.
Massive changes, bold new moves, crazy potential!

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Great work! We need to tokenise everything!

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We need to tokenise everything!
I think that’s the future

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