PolyCub Price is beating the cryptocurrency market posting one week of gains!

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Polycub token is one of the market leaders in price this week!

  • PolyCub token is a market leader this week with seven days of positive price gains! The Polycub chart is a wonderful sea of green, which stands out because most other cryptocurrency token prices are down this week.
  • Polycub is the project token for the PolyCub yield farming project on the Polygon blockchain, and Polygon is a second layer blockchain connected to Ethereum.
  • PolyCub was created by developer Khaleel Kazi and his team of developers.
  • The Leofinance has created three defi projects on Ethereum, Binance and Polygon.
  • All connected by the Hive-Engine token Leo, through it's NFT versions on each blockchain WLEO on ethereum, BLEO on Binance Smart Chain, and PLEO on Polygon.
  • The Polycub defi project is code audited by Certik for vulnerabilities to hacks and rug pulls.
  • It is also a fork of gooseswap, which is a fork of PanCakeSwap, one of the largest DEXs in the world, with over 20 billion in assets.
  • So it's pretty solid code.

  • The chart below shows the seven day price action for PolyCub, which is a one steady upward moving line.

Screen Shot 20220624 at 11.23.22 PM.png

  • The next graphic below is today's closing price, which was also increased or positive for the day!

Screen Shot 20220624 at 11.22.23 PM.png

  • The next two charts are the daily close for the June 22nd and June 23rd, both showing large gains!
  • This picture shows a 11% one day gain!

Screen Shot 20220624 at 11.20.59 PM.png

  • This picture shows a 4.9% daily gain.

Screen Shot 20220624 at 11.19.56 PM.png

  • This isn't meant to be FOMO, but it is fair to point out that @khaleelkazi and is developer team have made several changes to PolyCub tokenomics in the last weeks and the results have been positive.
  • New vaults: p-HBD-USDC, p-Hive-PolyCub, p-SPS-Polycub and the result has been money flowing into PolyCub to create those pairs, plus Polycub governance was started with PolyCUb token owners being able to vote where to pay the highest APRs on Polycub.
  • These things have created positive price pressure and increased volume of buy of PolyCub on Sushiswap.
  • I think this and other factors have increased the price.
  • Congratulations to @khaleelkazi, his developer team, and his circle of advisors.

  • The future of PolyCub looks so bright, we are going all need to wear sunglasses



The future of PolyCub looks so bright, we are going all need to wear sunglasses



About @shortsegments

Shortsegments is a writer focused on cryptocurrency, the blockchain, non-fungible digital tokens or NFTs, and decentralized finance for over four years.

He is also a project builder, with two current projects:

  • No Loss lottery, a prize linked savings account here on Hive, which awards more the 100 Leo in prizes weekly, and which recent surpassed 5000 tickets sold. @nolosslottery
  • Easy DeFi, which provides a two step investment for investors seeking an entry point into decdeentralized finance investing. EasyDefi features five different investment pools. This allows pool members to selct investments in Cubfinance on Binance Smart Chain, or PolyCub on Polygon. Pool members can invest Leo, Hive, HBD or SPS. Learn more here


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That new ID change sure got a fair amount of hype. Good to see development continues even during these types of markets which I also feel is critical. It shows you whos in it for quick riches and who really believes in the product they are building.

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Hi @bitcoinflood
What is the "new ID change" you mention?

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Agreed 100%
The Leofinance team keeps building through the bear market, the bull market and now through another bear market. The community keeps getting larger, the user interfaces better and the technology keeps getting amazing. We are uniquely posittioned early in the existence of this excellent project.

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This is very good and it show we have more people adding up

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Yes, it is excellent news that the changes in the token economics are having a positive effect. This rise in price is a reward for the faithful and a remionder to consider buying and stacking Polycub

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Yes that’s true, it is a true reminder that polycub worth our hard earn money

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Yes, and I feel that in the future the price will be higher.
So our earnings from xpolycub and polycub will be valueable.

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I strongly agree

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Read how this all have started with Toruk

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Hi @onealfa.leo
Thank you very much for the temendous upvote!

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Nice graphic by the way.
I also think its a nice touch that you promote Leofinance at the end of your articles.

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Thank you, I am glad you liked the graphic

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Wow this is outstanding news. I have a nice stash of polycub, I am very happy to hear the price is growing.

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Your welcome, your stash may grow more valuable over time.

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It's always nice to see CUB get some recognition but I still think we need to look out for more than just 1 week. However, I do agree the markets have been weak lately and it does stand out.

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Definitely hope this trend continues, but also definately enjoyiing the moment.

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Definitely something to be said for living in the moment, as you yanks like to say.

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Love to see you using idioms. Your learning!

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Ha ha
Great yo see you using idioms