Report to investors of EasyDeFi for Week 31 on Sunday 02/27/2022.

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Pool Investors Earnings this Week.

The pooled Leo is converted to Cub-BUSD, and the earnings for this past week were 252 Cub, so it traded for 395 bLeo and 39 went to @shortsegments as an Admin Fee. This left 356 for the stake based investors. The pool earnings were based on 6 days this week, as I moved the distribution day in hopes of providing earnings one day early to compensate for last weeks late earnings. But since the Bleo to Leo bridge tickets are still in cue and the issues with funds stuck on the bridge have not been resolved, the distribution will be paid from my power down of Liquid Leo soon.

This weeks Stake based earnings

This weeks Stake based earnings using Excel Spreadsheet:


Wallet Transfers below documents that investors earnings were sent to their wallets.

Distributions for the week of 02/20/2022 are currently stuck in transit on Bleo bridge. A help ticket has been placed in discord.


Distributions from 02/20/2022 have been made:

Screen Shot 20220227 at 3.26.15 PM.png

Screen Shot 20220227 at 3.27.04 PM.png

Screen Shot 20220227 at 3.27.48 PM.png

Distributions for 02/27/2022 will be made as soon as my Leo is unstaked in a power down and provides enough liquid Leo to pay the distributions from my personal account.
My apologies.

Monday Cutoff

The Monday cutoff protects the earnings of all investors, especially the smaller investors who would see their earnings reduced by deposits made after Monday and insufficient time to earn Cub because it is a shared earnings pool.

This is the weekly report to investors of EasyDeFi for Week 31 on Sunday 02/27/2022.

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Investment is not that easy
Wish you good luck with that

Thank you.

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Hi @shortsegments
Those are very good returns for 30 weeks!
I am sorry to see you having trouble with a transfer.
I do admire your continued faith in Leofinance. You have been here for a while, I believe back when this project was on Steemit under another name. So I guess that’s why.
I hope your faith is rewarded.

Thank you @defigeek

continued faith in Leofinance. You have been here for a while, I believe back when this project was on Steemit under another name.

Yes I continue to have faith in this project.
The Leobridge issue is a small bump in the road.
Yes I was here when Leofinance was called Steemleo on Steemit!

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Nice earnings on this project.

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Thank you


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Hey Thanks for the continued work on this project.
Looking for the transaction on Feb 21st...i do not seem to see the transfer.
How is the BLeo pool doing?

Heres the transaction with your payment for the February 20th:the memo section of the wallet transaction should say Easy DeFi February 20.

Screen Shot 20220228 at 4.55.01 PM.png

Thank you for your patience.

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Hey @shortsegments, here is a little bit of BEER from @marshmellowman for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I did the transfers this morning for the 27th and put out an updated post!
Thanks for your patience!

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Hi @marshmellowman
The earnings for the week of February 20th got stuck on the Bleo to Leo bridge, and I have placed a ticket in Discord, but there is a cue of stuck trnsdactions, so it hasn't been processed yet. I liquidated my own assets Sunday and paid the earnings for February 20th, so those Leo should be in your wallet. I will double check the list of processed wallet transactions for your name now.

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Cool thanks for looking...i do not see the transaction on TribalDex...

Oh there it is now on the 1st...Thanks for sorting that. !PIZZA !BEER !WINEX !HIVEBITS

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Hi, I enjoyed our conversation on another post and decided to give you a follow. Do you have your own investment fund of some sort, is that what this is?



The bridge issue is not resolved, but I sent out 02/27/2022 earnings via wallet transfer, so both 2/20/2022 and 02/37/2022 have been paid!

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