What Is The Actual Purpose of Hive?

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Dear Hivers,

“What is the meaning of life?” I asked my life coach friend. To which she said:

Meaning is the meaning YOU give to life.

And that resonated with me in many ways. Even the purpose of Hive doesn’t come from fancy corporate leaders or the about page. The purpose really comes from the purpose YOU give to Hive.

As part of the community, we get to define this purpose.


You see, for some of the people here, Hive is just another platform that is trying to do something new. For others, it is about financial rewards. For developers, it is a way to add something new on the blockchain. Or even test their products. And capture the built-in audience.

There are multiple purposes floating around in this ocean. And one can pick anything.

In my personal opinion, the purpose is to create an opportunity for a better tomorrow. In the world full of innovation, Hive offers a glimpse of a new world — a better world filled with hopes and dreams.

In fact, as I think about it, there are 11 purposes of Hive. Let us explore each one of them:


#1: Purpose of Hive is to build a community-based platform

For the first time ever, Hive is creating a true community-based platform where there are no owners and no internal departments. The community handles it all. It is everything!

#2: Purpose of Hive is to break the old barriers

The social barriers that exist between different countries is broken by bringing everyone together. There are dozens of local communities sharing stories in local languages under a single platform.

#3: Purpose of Hive is to establish a true censorship-resistant platform

Your content and your data is with you. No one can steal it. You own the data. That is because Hive honors freedom of speech and continues to deliver a censorship-free experience.

As wild as it may sound, Hive actually offers a way for humanity to store social information in a safe way.

#4: Purpose of Hive is to educate the audience

Once you start using Hive, you begin to understand what blockchain is all about. You get to see those tokens — Hive, Hive Power, and Hive Dollars — and in the next few days you get to understand a part of the industry.

Any average Joe can taste blockchain by experiencing Hive. Hence the purpose is to create education — and spread crypto awareness.

#5: Purpose of Hive is to make everyone the stakeholder

Wealthy people never give you a share in their company. Hive gives you that. Everyone is a stakeholder irrespective of your education, culture, or experience. Isn't that beautiful?

#6: Purpose of Hive is to create a strong relationship

For many, the true currency on Hive is the relationship you get to build with others. You not only find common interest but also start using these common interest to develop businesses and memories. And everyone is free to act according to their will.

#7: Purpose of Hive is to value intelligent conversation

Hive is not a place for trolls. In fact, this is the place where intelligent dialogue is valued. Discussion around ethics and moralities are embraced. There are passionate debates with freedom of speech weaved inbetween.

#8: Purpose of Hive is to disrupt social media

I would say Hive is trying to change how we look at social media. No longer is your attention sold. In fact, your attention is rewarded. In many ways, Hive's purpose is not only to disrupt but redefine social media.

#9: Purpose of Hive is to solve the economic problem

For the first time ever, one gets paid in tokens for sharing what they usually share on other social media platforms. How cool is that?

#10: Purpose of Hive is to help content creators

Hive tries to solve the monetization problem through its upvote mechanism. On Hive, commenters and publishers are all rewarded by cryptocurrencies and it simply encourages them to continue.

#11: Purpose of Hive is to connect people

I am from India. You may be from US, UK, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria — or any other country. Yet we are connected with the same mission. Even if it is temporary. How beautiful is this?

In short:


To make the Internet a better place by sowing seeds of innovation, sprinkling decentralisation, and disrupting traditional experiences.

Hive is sowing these seeds.

In fact, with hundreds of social media platforms out there turning into business factories, there is a room for a change. There is a need for the Internet to become better once again.

Hive’s purpose is to disrupt this.

Not only are we documenting our hobbies, earning tokens, writing, sharing photos but are also participating in a challenging world to emerge victorious.

And it is certainly a valuable purpose, isn't it?


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Yeah hive is alot, and I am in love with it. I have reduced my interactions with other social medias and taken Hive full term.

The only thing I have to share in those medias is the news of Hive.

The only thing I have to share in those medias is the news of Hive.

That's funny! Good one.

Well done. This is a topic that I never get tired of because it stimulates the reach for possibility. Starting with Steemit, I found a variety of ways to exchange value whether I was posting or not. I do miss posting though so it's time for me to re emerge. Cheers.

Great quality question. I will start by saying. It depends on individual choices. Some are here to cash out their rewards and go. While some are here to make improvements in their cryptocurrency records and Investment. Some are here to share their Investment strategies with others. My friend, thanks for sharing this question with us. I think I'm able to answer it to a reasonable extent... Greetings from Nigeria.

You always do this! Thank you! Lovely graphics!

This is pretty much a perfect summary of Hive's existence, 10/10! It's an open community where you decide who you want to be. You don't have to just be a writer, animator, or photographer. To network, create, and curate with the rest of us, and just be you. You could be ordinary, like me, or you could be awesome, like SidWrites :-D


You hit it out of the park one more time. Succinct yet very clear. I really like how you frame your ideas around the topic. Keep up the good work.
Enjoyed reading your post. 😇

You nailed it!

Haha! Thanks! Love the DP with the Hive logo!