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Afternoon everyone …

We are all individual people, with each having individual likes and dislikes. With that being said, stacking and crypto is the same way.

Some believe that Bitcoin is the end all be all of crypto. While others believe it’s the dinosaur of crypto.

Some stackers love constitutional silver, while others prefer stacking generic silver bars and rounds. Some prefer government minted coins, and some only want hand poured silver.

The choice is yours….

While my personal preference would be hand poured silver. The premiums on it are way to high now for me to purchase it. Sure I’ll buy something if it grabs my attention, but for the most part this is no longer in my stacking purchases.

I do however have quite a bit of hand poured silver. Today I am going to share a few hand poured skull bars from Prospector Gold & Gems.

These bars were purchased several years ago before premiums got ridiculous.

Enjoy the show…


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Last one loos so dangerous.

Hand poured silver might look rough but it's very raw silver with weight

This is really nice and I love it.

I've got only one Prospector's Gold & Gems bar. I got it as a gift from YouTube Stacker David Argento. Simple design, matte finish, organic pour feel yet distinct enough that I can recognize it immediately as Prospector's products. I keep it in my Booty Bank since. A blast from the past.

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They are cool classy bars, no major frills but uniquely poured. They used to run great specials, I have a few ten ounce bars as well.

I believe they had 2 and 5 Troy oz. as well.

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They actually sell every ounce size to ten. They also sell a twenty or did.

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I ain't picky if it's silver or gold I probably want it 😂

I also prefer the hand poured silver because of it's aesthetic appeal

Very lovely which I love it so much

The bars looks amazing

Quite really look so weight in appearance