If you’re stacking ….. you better be packing…

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Afternoon everyone….

While there is never much of my stack or collection in my possession at any given time. That being said personal protection is a must in my honest opinion.

My stack and collection is in a private security place which is privately owned. Meaning it’s not in a bank safety deposit box or held by a bullion vault many states away from where I live.

While I do have a safe, it’s very small and is for documents and important items to me. I have two very close friends that have had burglaries of their houses because they were known stacker/collectors.

I do not want to ever have that happen to me. So my stack/collection is safely stored 18 miles from my house. I have 24/7, 365 day access to it. It’s been there for over a decade now and ve tested it during power outages and storms. It’s rock solid and I always had access.

With that being said. This world is unraveling quickly. Personal safety is a high priority to me.

Yes, I have firearms. Yes, I practice shooting them fairly often. Yes, I have tons of ammo for them on hand. I’ve even taught my girl how to shoot and she’s a pretty good shot already.

Whether you are a stacker or prepper, firearms are important for you and your families safety.

Now I’d like to share with you a gun that I am trying to source to buy. It’s a Browning Hi Power, and it’s not only a great looking gun, but a beast of a shot.

Here is what it looks like. I grabbed this photo from a website, I forgot which one. Sorry


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It's one of the reasons why I could never understand those prepper shows where the people reveal to the world what they have and where they have it.

You might as well hang a giant 'LOOT HERE' sign in front of your place as that's where they will head first. "Loose lips sink ships" and we need to follow the same principles when it comes to our assets.

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What’s the saying, oh “A fool and his money will soon part”. Can’t fix stupid.

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The browning is a pretty nice shooter. HiPowers have been issue pistols here for years... for armed forces. I've shot them, pretty bullet proof workhorse pistol. I'm partial to a polymer gun myself. Looking at getting a Canex Mete 9mm.

That's the main bit not holding a lot at home, we don't really have them guns in Canada tho so can't really be packing like that unfortunately

True, but not telling to many people is the best solution .

Protection really necessary for stackers. Many more will those firearms in the future when the need for gold and silver increases

Absolutely you should always have protection for your big huge pile of silver. Excellent post and excellent thoughts today.

Thanks man, and also for stopping by.👍

You're very welcome keep carrying that amazing Firepower!

Yes we should always keep our assets safe

Musashi Special; Full tang, 40" 1040 Damascus steel, 1080 edge clay hardened. But you have to get close up and personal.Comes with matching 30" Wakazashi.

Hai, @silverd510 san.

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