Vintage 1991 Liberty Mint Bill of Rights Round

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The Liberty Mint has been offering personalized minting services to different countries, US states, local governments, Fortune 500 businesses, academic institutions, and nonprofits since 1984. The company's main line of business is the creation and design of personalized coins and silver artifacts. Bullion silver round were the company's main product in the beginning. From 1984 to 1987, the company's primary source of income was producing these bullion silver one troy ounce rounds, .999 fine silver for investors on a limited basis.

Although bullion was the main focus in the beginning, the mint also produced silver rounds for other organizations. Examples include silver coin premiums offered to potential Chrysler buyers who test drive the car, General Motors, Proctor and Gamble, Disney World, and the Super Bowl, as well as gold retirement coins for departing Dow Chemical employees. The rounds that Liberty Mint produced ranged in finish from proof-like to business strikes and were struck in .999 Fine Silver.

1991 1 Oz Liberty Mint Bill of Rights Round BU

The Chrysler Corporation commissioned the creation of this medallion to mark the momentous 200th anniversary of the US Bill of Rights. Exclusive to "Private Screening" guests, this limited-edition medallion was minted from one troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver.

Obverse: The obverse depicts an Eagle with wings spread soaring over a United States shield. The upper inscription "LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS" while the lower one bears the weight, purity, and content of "ONE TROY OUNCE.999 FINE SILVER".

Reverse: The central feature on the reverse is the Bill of Rights with a feather quill. Above the central image is the text which reads "BILL OF RIGHTS" while below it the dates "1791" and "1991" are inscribed.

Metal Content1 Oz
Purity.999 Fine Silver
Issuing CountryUnited States
SeriesBill of Right
ManufacturerLiberty Mint
Thickness2.70 mm
Diameter38.7 mm
Edge DesignReeded
Mint MarkN/A


Liberty Mint produced several rounds. The USS Constitution Rounds, 1985,1986, and undated Statue of Liberty Rounds, and other miscellaneous commemorative event rounds in both dated and undated silver rounds. It would be great if you could find these at reasonable prices. And if you find one, I say, buy it!

These are the vintage rounds I have recently shown:

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