You Can Trade Your Old STEEM On Probit Global

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If you are like me and never fully removed all your funds from Steemit, you can use ProBit Global to trade some of your old STEEM tokens.

Maybe you left 50 STEEM in an old account or just remembered that extra account you created in 2016 as a rainy day fund.

ProBit could be your solution.

It’s true that the largest market for STEEM is on Binance. But there are no trading pairs on for STEEM.

For those of us in the United States, options are somewhat limited. The old go to for me was @blocktrades, but they dropped support for the token a long time ago. RuDEX was also an option, but merged onto BitShares. BitShares also no longer supports STEEM trading.

Luckily Probit Global does not require KYC and has market pairs for STEEM/BTC & STEEM/USDT.

There are limits for withdrawals without KYC, but it’s nice to have the option.
Without KYC, you can only withdraw $5k per day.
With KYC, withdrawal limits are up to $500k per day.

ProBit worked great for me, and I hope other users find this info useful.
ProBit Global:

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